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Selar continued “The kind of power we possess is beyond anything yo u can imagine. Making you young again and
keeping you that way is easily done” he explained. “So what do I need to do?” I asked. “I need a promise and
commitment to follow the principles of the Guardian core, to up hold life, and promote peace. But it is not an easy
thing to do. The path will be difficult. You will have to serve me as my personal servant while I train you. You will
obey my every command without question. The kind of power we draw on can only be handled by the most disciplined
of minds.”
“Your servant?” I asked confused. He nodded “A guardian master in turn is servant to the needs of the masses. He
serves them, for the greater good. The first lesson is this, everyone serves something. Even a king serves the traditions
of his people.” I was taken back, Selar seemed very wise. I let it sink in for a moment. Again he waited patiently letting
me absorb this. “I’ll do it; I want to make a difference. I promise to follow all the ways of the Guardians and up hold all
their principles." I stated. He wasted no time, his hands flowed energy through me and in a moment I felt great. I could
see from my hands that I was young again. I smiled and said “I was as good as dead shortly ago, does this make me
undead now” He chuckled slightly “Etan my boy, I see we are going to get along quit well.” Then Selar touched me on
the shoulder again and my whole life quickly played out like a movie.
The past left behind
Etan O-Brantley was born just south of little rock Arkansas in May of 1938. He was supposed to be named Ethan but
his birth certificate had a typo. His mother was superstitious about this so she kept his name Etan instead of Ethan. He
was only there because his parents wanted him to be born as an American. He had a cousin that lived in the area so they
stayed long enough for him to be born then they were off again. His parents spent most of thier time in Indonesia and
other parts of the world studying volcanoes. His father was a volcanologist and his mother a zoologist so traveling
worked out well for both of them. Etan didn't like Volcanoes, or traveling so when he was ten years old he moved back
with his cousins until he graduated.
In 1956 he joined the army and fought in the Vietnam War. As he was pulling an unconscious buddy out of the line of
fire when he was shoot in the top of his right foot, by a stray bullet. The army doctors thought he had shot himself so he
could be sent home. He was branded a coward and soon after he was released from the army with a dishonorable
discharge. He started to work as carpenter’s assistant in small town. Three years later both his parents were killed at
Kilauea while studying the eruption. The ground gave way and they both fell into the lava underneath. That just
confirmed his aversion to volcanos. In 1969 he was thirty one years old and attended a concert known as Woodstock. A
seventeen year old had a bad headache and he gave him some aspirin to help. Later he learned the teen had fallen
asleep and was run over by a tractor. Even though Etan wasn't the one who dro ve the tractor, he felt responsible. If he
had not given the teen the aspirin he would not have been sleeping so soundly. He could have awoken in time to get out
of the way.
He was married in 1973 and divorced five years later. His wife left him because she said he had no real ambition and
that he wasn't living up to his potential. She wanted a man who could amount to something. O ne year after that, he lost
the house in the foreclosure. Sometimes it seemed like no matter what he did disasters happened. In 1980 he was talked
into going to Washington State to celebrate his 42nd birthday. Mount Saint Helens erupted. He was out of the blast
zone but he seemed to always be around when disasters occurred. In January of 1986 he went to watch the space shuttle
challenger launch. Witnessing the breakup live was worse than it looked on Tv. Why did bad luck seem to follow him
wherever he went? He attempted in 1991 to do volunteer work in the Philippines. It was the last straw. He meet a guy
who offered pay all his expenses. He went to the Philippines to help missionaries build churches. He was pretty good at
most carpentry work. He should have known this was a problem waiting to happen. He had been there for two weeks
when in June of that year mount Pinatubo erupted, its blast was ten times greater than mount saint Helens. He vowed,
never again to go near another volcano. Pinatubo destroyed all the villages in a large radius around it. He stayed to help
with the cleanup. He worked for the man who sent him there for a few months but Etan was never the same. He
couldn't stand the idea that his life was such a failure. He went back to work for the carpentry store shortly there after
and stayed on until now.