Guardian Core Chronicles HTML version

From bed to undead.
Etan's comments
I considered the man for a moment; I was surprised more than anything. He was an older man dressed in a purple robe
that was trimmed in gold. He had long white hair and a beard that reached to his chest. His over all appearance
reminded me of a mythological wizard, except that he didn't have the silly hat. He was sitting back in the chair with his
arms in his lap, in a relaxed manner. He just sat there staring at me. So I spoke first “Umm, hello. Are you the Reaper,
because if you are, you don't look anything like your pictures?” He chuckled “That’s a very ironic thing for you to ask
me.” He spoke in a tone, as if he were a father comforting his child. “Tell me, Etan how would you like the chance to
regain your health and to live a life of significance.” I wondered how he knew my name but I simply responded “yeah,
who wouldn't." He stood up put his hand on my shoulder and said “Let’s take a walk”. He rose up and I was pulled up
with him. We flew up and out, through the ceiling as if we were ghosts. O h great I thought I must be dead. The strange
old man read my mind and said “You’re not dead, not yet." We quickly flew past the clouds into the edge of space.
This was both fun and terrifying. If this was a walk, I wondered what running was. Reading my mind again he said
“This is running." We surged forward at terrifying speed, flying past hundreds of stars, and planets. We stopped after a
moment and he said “Turn around and take a look”. I looked back and there behind us was the entire Milky Way. From
my perspective it looked no bigger than an orange. We just traveled billions of light years in the vacuum of space in a
matter of seconds. Several questions came to mind like, why are we here and how did he do that? But the only thing I
could manage to get out was “who are you?”
His voice seemed to echo across empty space. “My name is Cronos Selar. I am a Regent with the Guardian core. The
core helps keep peace throughout thousands of galaxies. We find men of honor to fill our ranks. I think you might make
a good Guardian. I found you by fortunate happenstance when I was recording this time frame. I saw you try to stop the
thief, and also protect the man that did you harm many years ago.” That was almost too much for me to take in at one
time. I wondered if my horoscope had said something like expect a creepy old man to change your whole life today.
“Actually” Selar stated with a smile” it said “Watch out for a renewed love interest at work. But don't count on that on
from me.” So he had a sense of humor. I stared at the Milky Way stretched out before me and again at him, and then I
paused to comprehend it all. He waited patiently for me to get a handle on it. Finally I said “If you knew about me, you
would know I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time. My life is filled with one failure or disaster after
another.” He shook his head “You” he began “were in the right place at the right time, but did not have the ability to
change the situation. You are subconsciously drawn to critical events; this is an asset not a liability. If you become a
Guardian, that asset will be of great benefit to you and countless others. You think you’re a failure but your not. You
did save that man's life back in the war. He went on to become the father of three children. One who became a doctor
and has saved many lives since. Your life counted much more than you think. But if you train as a Guardian you can
save many more.”
I finally got my composure back. I thought for a moment and asked “So what's the catch” He took on a serious
demeanor. “The catch is it takes decades of training and discipline to learn. You must always put others needs first.
You must use your power to serve the greater good, not for self glory, and never attack out of anger. The four main
principles we operate by is Discipline, Balance, Honor, and Justice, You already possess great Honor, Discipline I
can teach you if you are willing to learn, emotional balance takes time to mature, and justice is you knowing the right
thing to do at the right time which is easier to know when you possess the other three.” I laughed “I’m already 75 years
old; I don't think I have that much time.” He said “let me show you something.”
He took me back to the Milky Way galaxy. There was a dark spherical shape in the void. “Do you see that rouge moon
over there floating in open space” he asked. “Yes?" I said and shrugged. He took a deep breath and focused. How
either one of us was breathing in space I'm not sure. An intense light exited his hands and hit the moon. In a few
seconds it busted to pieces. He just destroyed an entire moon. That must be more powerful than all the atomic weapons
on earth put together. “I don't want to destroy things, I've already seen enough destruction in my life.” I said. “keep
watching" He responded. He let out another energy wave but this time it was a warm glow. The energy field
surrounded the fragments. They quickly pieced back together and after a few moments the moon was whole again.