Guardian Core Chronicles HTML version

Prologue by Matt
Guardian Chronicles
A legend begins
You don't know me yet but my name is Matt. I am part of the Guardian Matrix. You'll meet me later in this story but
for the moment I'm here to help. Have you ever felt like you had the worst luck in the world? Like everything in the
universe was working against you? At times we all have. But our Hero Etan really does have bad luck. He is always at
the wrong place at the wrong time. Join him in his adventures and see what its like to over come that, and become a
true hero? Maybe you have a hero inside of you already. Read on and see how you would react to being given great
power. See what its like to be a Guardian. Let your legend begin.
The end of the beginning
Here he was, lying in a hospital, soon to die. The doctors had stabilized him, but he wasn't in good health anymore.
At least he got to do one heroic thing in his life. Etan went to the bank, witnessed a robbery and tried to stop the thief.
He stepped in front of the man and attempted to take his gun, and got shot. Ironically, he saved the life of the manger
that years ago fo reclosed on his mortgage. He always wanted to be a hero, but constantly messed it up. It might seem
silly to others why a seventy five year old man would try to fight a bank robber, but it was his last chance to do
something noble. His whole life was one failure or disaster after another. This morning he went to the bank, saw the
robber and tried one last time to make a difference. He was rushed to the hospital, and the bullets extracted. He felt
weak and knew he would die soon. Etan reached for a pen and paper on the desk, so he could write a goodbye note to a
friend. Sitting next to his bed was a strange man. He didn’t look like any doctor he’d ever seen. How did he get in here?
He didn't remember him coming in.
Matt's comments
By the way throughout the story I'll be translating for you s ince you don't speak the over thirty different dialects used
around the Galaxy. As much as I can I'll use earth terms and ways of speaking. By the way your planets nice but quit
killing each other, it’s not helping you any.
Selar, a regent of the Guardians
I made a surprising discovery today. For the last year I have been tracking the progression of the human race. My goal
is to record their emotional growth as a species. My research is almost complete. O ur time is their year 1494. I have
been jumping a head ten years at a time and recording their changes and history. I hoped they would have shown better
progress. They are a volatile and selfish species. They hunt animals to extinction, pollute their oceans, and create
weapons that could render their planet lifeless. They elect government officials based on popularity and idolize people
with athletic ability instead of wisdom. They also have no central religion or language to unite them. This race is one of
the most emotionally immature groups I've ever encountered. But I me t a man in December 2012 who is honorable. I
am going to offer him a chance to train to become a Guardian. Although there have been occasional honorable
individuals in thier history for the most part this race is un-teachable. If the man can become a Guardian there could be
some faint hope for this species yet.