Guardian Core Chronicles the Great Divide HTML version

Guardian Chronicles
The Great Divide
Prologue by Matt
Etan was about to be promoted and given his first real command. Will our hero get a chance to relax for awhile?
Not a chance. Etan will have to help four dying races, deal with another war, and a mysterious new enemy. If that
wasn't bad enough how: how about Etan being best man at Reapers wedding? Yeah, I thought that would get your
interest. Read on and see if we can fix the great Divide.
Older and wiser but not perfect
Etan's vie w
He can be aggravating at times, but Reaper threw me a huge 200th birthday party. This time he didn't shot me in
the back with a dart but he drugged me when I slept. I woke up trapped in a small box. I could see outside the box
through a peep hole but I couldn't change form, teleport out or even move. I asked Matt for help but he couldn't
do anything either. I knew I was either already in trouble or I was about to be. I was in a coffin being carried to a
meeting hall at a funeral home. I had been so busy the last few weeks with diplomatic conferences that I had
actually forgotten that it was my birthday. I learned later that Selar had given Reaper something to paralyze me
temporarily. But I didn't know that right then and there. All I knew was I was confined and paralyzed lying in a
coffin. I was forced to watch the whole ceremony.
After some thought I figured either I had been attacked by some dark Guardian while I slept, and they had made it
look like I had died, or else this was a surprise birthday party. Selar probably wouldn't have made such a mistake
on someone faking my death, so I didn't freak out. But they made me sit through the whole ceremony. Several
people got up and said nice things about me. The kind of things said at a real funeral. If this had been real I would
have been touched. Even Reaper got up and shed a few fake tears for show. While this was going on I decided to
plan my own surprise for him. I‟d give him something to cry about.
They even went so far as to take the coffin to the grave site and burry it. When the whole thing was over,
suddenly I felt my powers come back. When I got out I decided to do a little mischief of my own. I came out of
the coffin and quickly formed into storm cloud. I got to rain on everyone before Celestial and Vortex teamed up
against me to stop my drenching. After that I solidified and joined the festivities. The party lasted all day and the
night. Different people came and went throughout that time. But I was expected to meet and greet them all.
At the same time I was getting my birthday party Selar had decided to promote me. Sixty three years ago I had
been promoted to corporal. Now I was going to be a sergeant. I had hoped to avoid a command, but this was not
to be. I was perfectly fine with just continuing to be a silver Guardian, going about business, but Selar said he
wouldn't let me waste my real potential. I couldn't complain too much though, ever since the end of the war, I
had, had it easy. It was the day after my birthday and promotion that I was to get the real shock. I still had a room
on Selar's place ship, to stay in when I wasn't on a mission. I had just woke n up and was getting ready for the day
when the whole ship began to shake. But it wasn't just us; the whole planet had been shaken too. Then I found out
every planet in the galaxy had been experienced the same event at the same time. What was going on?