Guardian Core Chronicles Timescape HTML version

Prologue from the Author
Guardian Chronicles
If you've made it this far, you think you know my writing pretty well, don't you? Boy, are you in for a surprise. We've
journeyed through time, and other realms. We've seen massive battles against mech-beings, zombies and weird
creatures. You've seen our hero's, set on fire, fight thier own clones and recently become part of a murder mystery.
You've even seen the real story behind ma ny of earth mysteries and lore. But you haven't seen anything yet, I was just
getting warmed up. I'm making a personal challenge to all of you out the re. I'm challenging my insanity against
yours. Hang on for an action packed ride of multi- universal proportions. As we traverse the Timescape.
Second prologue by Matt
Ahh, don't let that blow hard scare you. As long as you keep feeding him Mexican food, he's a pushover. But, he is
right about one thing, this can be a confusing story but I'm going to help you out. When were talking about our own
universe we will call it universe zero. The others will be numbered, according which order different universes began
interacting with ours, universes 1, 2, 3 and so on. Again, were universe Zero, got it, don't forget it. (whispers) By the
way, I'm not supposed to tell you this but Etan is based on the Author himself and Reaper is based on his brother. In
fact several of the major characters are based on real people. Go figure. Well, here he comes, so I got to go. Have fun.
Third prologue by Etan
Now that those two have totally confused you, let me catch you up with recent events. It’s been nineteen years since
the heart of darkness mission. We never did find the heart. But even before the mission, chaos agents were scarce in
our galaxy and now it seems like they’re all gone. It’s like they've pulled out of every k nown galaxy at once.
Whatever their up to it must be big but at least for now, they’re not bothering us. On the Reaper news, He and Drax
finally melded enough to work together most of the time. Although they still argue for the fun, sometimes. Also I’m
teaching at the school in between mentoring my three young silvers. They each got silver status last year. Anyway
let's finally get to the story.