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Guardian core chronicles
Time after time
Little did I know how turbulent and stressful the third year of my school time would be? Looking back sometimes I'm
not sure how I made it. There is a saying no mans an island. I could not have made it through this year without the help
of many people. When I first meet Selar I thought Guardians were a one man show. All powerful and needing no one,
but nothing could be further from the truth. Anything I've done in my life, I owe a great thanks to all my friends who
made it possible.
After all the headache and drama of the first year, the second year of school had gone surprisingly well. Master Leo has
continued to help me grow my abilities. The whole second year I mostly worked on becoming fire, as well as learning
to make a basic shield and lightning bolt. The last week of school I began focusing on becoming water. As with most of
the new skills I would learn this took concentrated effort.
I closed my eyes and focused. I could see all the water flowing in my body. I had to imagine myself like a planet and
the water in my body like the streams and rivers. I could use the energy in my body to alter all the other parts of my
body into one big ocean.
The first time I tried it, I began to sweat really hard. The second day, my clothes were soaked. By
the third day I almost had it. My skin turned clear and a few of my organs turned into water but I
was breathing hard and strained from the effort. It was like flexing a muscle. You couldn't keep it
flexed indefinably no matter how strong you are. That was on the last day of school.
Reaper watched me practice and came in with a large bucket of ice water and threw it on me, and said “Here maybe
this will help. Like the old saying goes, with friends like these who needs enemies. "Master Leo promised to work with
me more over the next two months that we were out of school. But first Reaper and I had a quick trip to make. Ever
since I introduced Reaper to pizza, he has been obsessed with everything from earth. Master Selar let Reaper and I take
a week’s vacation to earth.
Time for vacation
Argyle's view
Etan and Reaper were going to Earth so I decided to tag along. I hadn't been to earth in many years. Sometimes I
missed earth but I didn't miss the stress that comes with being a Guardian. Several times I've started to tell Etan about
my history with Earth but backed out each time. My mistake ended up costing his planet a lot of grief. Master Selar was
kind enough to give us a transport pod with morph capabilities so we could make it look like a modern earth vehicle.
He also gave us plenty of money to spend. Etan wanted to go to the era known as the 80's and in the state of California.
Back when I left earth, mankind was still using horses and buggies. I’m interested to see what progress they have made
since then. Reaper quickly looked up information on the era would be in and changed his appearance with his
ho lo graphic projection robe. He immediately fell in love with the style of the times. We had to listen to 80’s music all
the way there.