Guardian Core Chronicles: The Reckoning HTML version

3 months into the war
Etan's vie w
It was now three months into the present conflict and things weren't getting any better. These mysterious new
enemies were still taking out military instillations throughout the galaxy; ground based faculties as well as some
Guardian ships. None of the enemies’ ships had been captured for study or one of its occupants seen. We were losing
battles to an enemy we knew nothing about. According to master Selar some of the ships we were fighting were solid
projections. They were like advanced holograms. But a few were real, so far though there wasn't a noticeable
difference. I was assigned to help a group of silvers protect the population on a highly populated world. This planet
hadn't been hit by the dark Guardians yet, but this seemed like a likely target. They seem to be following this new
enemy around the galaxy, taking hostages in thier wake. To make matters worse we still had the zombies to deal with.
I had seen zombie movies on earth but I never thought I would ever see one in real life. My prior experience with
science fiction and horror has come in handy a few times as a Guardian.
One of the smaller countries had launched some type of advanced weapon at one of the larger countries. The weapon
was too advanced for thier level of technology. After a few mind probes we learned the leaders of the smaller country
and been dealing with the dark Guardians in secret. The weapon made the zombies but then the zombies attacked the
country that created them. So by conspiring with one country, the dark Guardians got two on return. After the initial
attacks nearly half the population of the planet was now a zombie. We told the population not to fight them and they
wouldn't be killed. The Guardians would either find a way to revive the zombies or take them out ourselves when the
time was right. A few days after my arrival two silvery fighters showed up and destroyed the military buildings.
Shortly behind them was a dark cruiser ready to take slaves for thier production. Unfortunately the cruiser wasn't
alone three dark Guardians were with it. O ne of the Silvers went after the cruiser while the others teamed up against
the dark Guardians. I was ordered by the senior silver to stay with the local population and create a shield around
them so they couldn't be transported away.
Master Selar was allowing me to tap into life stream now, but I had to promise not to open it all the way, I wasn't
ready for that yet. If it wasn't for the war I could probably pass the silver test now. I seemed to be just as powerful as
the younger silvers were. The problem was holding back. Now that I could tap the life stream I had to make sure I
didn't take too much at a time. It was like being really thirsty but only taking a few sips of an ice cold drink. When
tapping into the life stream, you feel invincible, it’s intoxicating. The sense of euphoria is almost like a drug at times.
The silvers were winning against the dark Guardians when a fourth one appeared just outside my shield. He looked at
me and smiled in a creepy way, much like Reaper. This one wasn’t wearing the usual black cloak. Instead he wore
black leather with studs and he had spiky hair. He looked like a 90’s punk teen. He even had the punk swagger in his
voice. “Not bad, not bad at all, for a trainee. In a few decades you might have been able to hold up against me but not
today.” He powered up and depleted my shield easily. He struck me down with a powerful blast and I fell
unconscious. I woke up chained to a wall with my head swirling. Back on earth I had a surgical procedure done once
and when I woke up in the recovery room, my eyes were blurry and I felt like I had a hang over. This was much the
The one who knocked me out was sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the room reading a fashion magazine. That
was odd. Who knew they had an interest in such things. He turned around and said “Good you’re finally awake. Well
be at your new home soon. The queen has taken an interest in you. You are powerful for your age and level of
experience.” In my normal state of mind I might have popped off a better smart aleck remark but I wasn't clear
headed. I just moaned and said “Good for her.” “She had decided to make you a dark Guardian.” That snapped me
out of my haze “Yeah that could happen.” I said with more emphasis this time. “We’ve done it before; she’ll drain
you of your light energy and exact the Argarian DN A. Then she'll give you our DNA and energy, soon you will join
our ranks fighting your former brothers.” I wasn’t sure how much of a treat this was. He could be just trying to
poison my mind and make me afraid. What if he can actually make good on his statement? I needed to get out of
here, now.