Guardian Core Chronicles: The Reckoning HTML version

A few minutes later the hover disks reentered the fighters and were gone, but the worst wasn't over yet. I saw several
silver Guardians give chase to the fighters. While they were gone a familiar enemy dropped by in thier wake. A dark
Guardian battleship entered the atmosphere and teleported away people one by one from the streets. It was later
reported that the capital city had lost over 500 residents in the dark Guardian raid. She heard some military personal
had also disappeared but the government wasn't giving details as to how many.
Inte rnal security office r, for the chancellor
Lieutenant La-rue’s Report
First we get a report that three silvery fighters dropped in over this compound, and then we get invaded by these
flying disks. None of our weapons had any effect on the disks, and they flew through walls and doors as if they were
holograms. I was just outside the conference room where the chancellor was meeting with his top military advisers.
One of the disks flew through the door. I opened the door and fired my weapon, but to no effect. It ignored me
completely and shot the chancellor and his advisors with some kind of metal tag. A few seconds later they were all
teleported out before I could get the tag off the chancellor. The count later was over 200 of our top political and
military leaders were now missing. The highest ranking leader left was a senator who had taken a tempora ry leave of
absence. I guess his break was over now. It will take awhile before we can refill the missing ranks.
Dark commander's report
Terran incursion successful. New slaves will arrive at mining colony in three days. Battleships from red battalion are
ready for the next raid.
Kanes orders
Ten of the silvery ships are heading toward our ore production facilities. Alert all battleships within range to change
course and defend at all cost.
Planet Retan 1 week in the war
Planetary Shipment depot manager's report
I had heard rumors that some other planets had had a problem with dead soldiers coming back to life and
attacking the living. But until it happened here I didn't believe it. Just over a week ago is when the galactic
chaos started. Supposedly all Guardian ships and systems went down on the same day. Rumor is that it was
the dark Guardians. Then the same day a few silvery ships came swopping down and captured our top military
and political leaders. Now we were defenseless. Our closest neighbor Marana, decided to attack at this time.
I'm not sure what kind of weapon they used but nearly everyone in the capital was instantly killed. I was
checking in shipments on a secondary platform many miles outside the capital, when the attack occurred.
These dead- lings as they have come to be called are a real menace. They are alive enough to move and attack
but not enough to talk or reason. Somehow they are able to band together and corral the living population into
groups. I’ve heard folk lore stories about half dead people eating the living, but these didn't. They just attack
anyone who tries to fight back. As long as you keep your head down and don't raise a weapon, they leave you
alone. Only those who fight back are killed and shortly thereafter become one of them.