Guardian Core Chronicles: The Reckoning HTML version

Prologue by Matt
Guardian Core Chronicles
The Reckoning
It was the beginning of one of the most complex wars in Guardian history. They were bombarded from two different
enemies, and their ability to predict future events had been hindered. Now you know it can never be easy for the
Guardians. It’s a tough job being one of the good guys.
Goodbye old world.
The next few years were a wild ride of galactic proportions. The palace ship lifted off, headed for Argaria. That way
we would be safer from future attacks. It was the last time I got to see Selar's planet for many years. We were just
leaving orbit when 100 of the mysterious battle ships just appeared out of nowhere and fired. The shields mostly held
but the palace ship still sustained considerable damage. Selar created a shield around us. The palace ship could no
longer hyper jump so Selar created a hyper window for the ship to use. We took one more bombardment before we
got away. The school grounds had been decimated and the dorms were no better but no one was killed in that attack.
The ship limped along and finally got to Argaria. The armada of strange ships followed us, but we were able to make
it before we took any more damage. The armada’s weapons were no match for Argaria's Neutronium shell.
Selar landed the palace safely then left to face this new enemy. As soon as he appeared outside the shell they simply
disappeared. They didn't warp out or jump into hyper space they simply disappeared as if they had been illusion. For
some reason Master Selar was unable to track them. Whoever this new enemy was they knew Guardian abilities well
enough to hide from Selar. They were compensating for Guardians attacks, defense and sensing.
Tech wars
Part one
Planet Setal
Jade’s view
Jade had to hurry to work. More Argarians were around these days, and her tea shop was doing well. Setal was
already a popular vacation spot for many travelers but the war had increased the number of people looking for refuge .
Until this war had begun, the three main countries on her planet had always gotten along well. But political pressures
had caused her country to begin arming itself. There was talk about production of atomic based missiles and bio-
weapons. Her country Teran was afraid that if the dark Guardians attacked them then one of the other co untries could
come in afterward, taking advantage of their moment of weakness. Her country had the most mineral rich territory on
her planet and would be a great prize to obtain by e ither side. Normally such issues would be discussed in many
meetings and voted on by the population, but with recent events they were now under military ruling. Military guards
filled every corner now but she hoped it wouldn't stay this way long. She missed the old more relaxed way of life that
usually came with the Guardians protection. Her planets Guardian had recently come up missing, and only his silvers
were left to keep order. It was only after Guardian Plato disappeared that her country began taking such drastic
She had just arrived at her shop when three silvery fighters flew in. They weren't any designed she recognized. People
began screaming and running not knowing what to do or where to go. The military fired its weapons on them but to
no effect. They hovered in place over the largest military building in her countries capital. From the bottom of the
craft five small round disks flew out. O ne of them hovered in place near the fighter and the others entered the military
facility. Neither the fighters nor the hovering disks attacked the population; however they did fire on the facilities
outside power supply, and communications tower adjoining it.