Guardian Core Chronicles: Homeworld HTML version

Master Leo's comments
Once Etan learned to keep his consciousness in the middle of the funnel and let it spin around his consciousness he
picked up speed and power. A week later he became a full blown tornado. Two months later he also leaned to become
smoke and stun gas. In his extra time he practiced a few more bio skills like: night vision, sonic hearing, acid spitting,
venom, poison and environment camouflage. He is advancing quite rapidly.
At the four month mark Etan began practicing basic mental abilities. He already knew how to read most humanoids
minds. But now he would learn to how to affect thier emotions. Mia and Samaria gladly volunteered for him to practice
on. After two weeks practice he could make them happy, sad, afraid, or even calm. After that he moved on to a more
difficult skill.
He tried telekinetic but was unable to grasp the link. After classes in the fifth month Etan was practicing in the gym
when three first year guardian trainees came in. They were still trying to learn a basic shield. That skill wasn't that hard
for Etan to learn as; he was familiar with the earth’s magnetic field. He pulled out his computer pad and showed them
how a planets magnetic field worked. He explained how it was similar to a regular magnet. This seemed to help and
within a few minutes they all had a basic shield formed. It made him feel good to return the favor to others. Later that
evening Master Selar said he wanted to talk to him about something. “Why did you take it on yourself to teach the first
year trainee's" Selar asked in serious tone.
Etan’s comments
Immediately I felt a sense of dread. I didn't think anyone would mind me helping the new students. I told him “I’m
sorry if you are displeased I promise not to do it again." I didn't know how much trouble I was in this time. He looked
at me with empty eyes “An apology does not answer my question, I want a straight answer." he stated. “I was trying to
help them. I knew what was keeping them creating a shield. I thought I could help." I explained. “Do you think Master
Leo has lost his ability? Maybe you think he doesn't know how to teach anymore?” “No. master Selar, not at all. He is
very competent.” I answered quickly. I couldn’t tell if this was a test or Master Selar was actually mad. In reality I am
nearly 80 years old but Selar always made me feel like child. O f course he was thousa nds of years old, so to him I was
a child.
Selar’s expression was impossible to read. “Did you not stop to consider that maybe he was letting them struggle
through it for a reason? The experience could be necessary for thier growth? I didn't change you back from a girl did I?
Yo u had to learn from it yourself, and because of it you became stronger.” True I thought, but I wouldn't have made it
if it wasn't for Alsea. “Master, Alsea helped me, I wanted to do the same for someone else." He still hadn't showed any
expression at all. “Go, we will continue this conversation at a later time.” he ordered. I quickly got out of there and
went to my room. I asked Matt, what was going on. He responded “I am not allowed to discuss this situation with you.
Master Selar will discuss whatever details he sees fit when he chooses too."
The next day Alsea, 1, nor Master Leo would talk to me about it. After school I was told by 1 that I was to stay in the
dorm room for now. I was also told not to turn into a girl. That was so I couldn’t get any emotional comfort from my
friends I’m sure. This was really awful. No one would tell me what I did wrong here and Master Selar wasn't talking to
me. I was alone. Even Reaper was gone on a mission for the next two weeks. I was sitting alone after school on the
edge of an open pit. One day it would become an ocean. It was part of the ongoing terriforming project on this planet.
On the opposite end of the huge gulf it was beginning to be filled.
It was quite a monumental task, like my life right now it seems. This world was relatively flat before but now here was
a huge open crater. O f course all I was seeing was just one small section of the rest of the project. Guardians could
open a permanent door in subspace to connect two places. In this case, this barren world was connected to an ocean