Guardian Core Chronicles: Homeworld HTML version

Guardian Chronicles
Prologue by Matt
This time Etan gets kicked out of the core, Argaria comes under attack and a mysterious new enemy arises. And you
thought your job was tough. Come and join us for another journey of fun and adventure as we explore a whole new
Selar's report
Part one
The winds of change
There is a problem with Etan. The future timelines I once saw for him have recently changed. At this point he can still
be saved from this new outcome, but at what cost?
Etans view
I started out the year trying to become air. Master Leo told me that it would be the hardest of all the elemental changes
to make. Air molecules are free floating and energetic. Changing to any solid mass is simple in comparison to the
balancing act of changing to a gas. Too little energy and I return to a solid, too much energy and I could dissipate
myself altogether. I have to build enough energy to disintegrate my body without drifting apart. Master Leo told me
until I have it down pat, not to try it unless he was there to help. Once again I closed my eyes and concentrated. It helps
me shut out the world and focus. O lder Guardian’s don’t have such concerns as centuries of discipline have honed
strong mental focus.
Having learned from the fire inc ident I didn't try to change my whole body at once but instead just my hand, which was
a good thing, because my hand exploded. I concentrated on my atoms, using my light energy to cause them to lose
cohesion to each other. But then the light energy built up to much pressure and it disintegrated. I over did it, just a bit. I
was in shock more than anything. Master Leo rushed over to heal me but I told him I wanted to heal myself. Even after
I had healed I was still shaking a little from the event. It took two more weeks of practice to get a stable change. At one
point I did get stuck as gas for a moment but Master Leo was there to help. I'm glad this wasn't like when I got stuck as
water. This time I wasn’t confined to an element during a battle situation.
As air I could feel people’s breath. I let myself stretch-out and just totally relax, floating with the breeze. It’s funny
sometimes what you remember. This experience reminded me of childhood incident. When I was a kid I used to lie
back in the bathtub and relax to the point where many times I would fall asleep. The first time I did it my mother
freaked out. I guess she was worried I had drowned. I was only five at the time but I was still embarrassed over her and
my aunt standing over me shaking me awake. For awhile after that time she wanted me to leave the bathroom door
unlocked so she could check on me. In any case becoming air had the same relaxing sensation. And yes I got so relaxed
one of the times I did fall asleep as air. I didn’t have a mother to wake me this time, just a windmill. I never knew air
could get dizzy. As I progressed Master Leo advised me to spin as fast as I could to make a dust devil; this made me
lightheaded in the process.