Guardian Core Chronicles Death Becomes Me HTML version

Guardian Chronicles
Death becomes me
Guardian year 5608 Earth year 1608
Prologue by Matt
Hi it’s me again your old friend Matt. Normally a routine mission like delivering an item from one place to
another would not even be noteworthy of a log, but I got mission to tell you about that was anything but routine.
Reaper was accused of murdering a silver Guardian, Master Etan became temporarily insane and a powerful
new force arose. What you are about to read, is a murder mystery. Can you figure out who the guilty party is
before the end? Will you arise to the challenge? Can you become a Guardian of truth?
Comments by Andrea also known as 1
The next five years after the wedding came and went in a blur. The new Reaper, I distinguished from the
original by calling him by his real name, Drax. We occasionally had some fights like any other couple, but we
got along for the most part. I knew the things he liked and was able to use them to soften him up a bit anyway.
But even at worst he was still easier to deal with than the original Reaper had been. I'm ashamed to say that part
of me was hoping he wouldn't come back. I took Drax back in time to witness several famous battles. Some of
which I was apart of. He just loved all the blood and gore of the more primitive’s battles involving swords and
battle axes. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let’s consider the last five years. Drax, dear why don't you tell
them about how you saw it?
Drax's comments
I hoped that faker didn't come back. He doesn't know what he’s missing. He thinks being married is such a
horrible thing. And it would be to the wrong person. Don't get me wrong, Andrea can still get on my nerves
sometimes and I have to put her in her place, but she's not a bad wife. I find her love of battle strategy
intoxicating. I know when she's feeling playful when she puts on a war recording to get me in a good mood.
The first couple months of being married took some adjusting. She did n't like my way of organizing clothes in
our room. There was the dirty pile, the clean pile and the nearly clean pile. That was used in an emergency
when necessary. That system made sense to me. But she had this weird idea that all clean clothes should be
hung up or neatly folded in a drawer. Women, who can understand them?
Two years after being married, our first child was born. I was hoping he would take after me. But he had too
much of his mother in him, I guess. She named him luminous; I suppose I should have gotten the hint then. He
is very smart but he is not a killer like me. He's not all bad though, he helped me play a few jokes on his mother.
One time we put a force field around the shower so she couldn't get out, then filled it with a thousand hairy
spiders. She was mad for days. Now every time she see's a spider she gives me a dirty look, and not the good
There were a few incidents that just drove me crazy, though like family photo day. It took her three hours to get
ready. I'm like I know what you look like already, what's the point. Then it was two hours of standing and
posing. The one who was taking the Holo-photos was a real diva. He was all like “stand here, do this, stop that."
But I made a mental game of it. Every time he would bark a command I would think of two ways to kill him. I
was glad when it was over. I was down to using pastries and office equipment for killing instruments.