Guardian Core Chronicles Darkess Rises HTML version

They release me once a week and practice hunting me down. The further I make it the less I get beat later as a
reward. I have to wonder though what they did to me before my memory was erased because I’m missing my right
arm and the toe on my right foot. That k ind of makes it hard to run. But I make it a little further each time. They
laugh because I take different routes of escape. They say if I went to the same areas I might do better as I got to
know the lay of the land. But I’ve got a plan. While on the run I test the barrier projectors. I was planning to find
one that is weaker than the others. I will slip though the weak spot and get free.
Two days later I got my chance. The hunting course was in an abandoned city. I could see the barrier from my
position. So far I have tested twenty projectors. It looks lies there’s around three hundred or so, I can’t get an exact
count. I carefully made my way there, and then I caught a glimpse of something on the ground. It was an odd
shaped metal object. It was a metal toe. As soon as I touched it the toe jumped out of my hand and onto my foot.
Suddenly a few of my memories returned. My name was Reaper and I was an espionage agent. The toe contained
several tools and a few weapons. Now I had a real means of escape. Someone called a Guardian left this here for
me to find.
Six months later
Guardian year 5994 Earth year 1994 Etan age 573
An unwanted promotion
Etans view
The last five years have been interesting. I’m in a neighboring galaxy assisting a planetary Guardian here named
Eron. His planet is called Deora. He’s been training me to be a future planetary Guardian. He showed me how to
affect a government’s policies and direction without forcing an issue. Guide them in the right direction, and only
interfere when absolutely necessary. You have to let them make their own mistakes along the way. It’s the only
way they will grow over time.
We attended high society functions as well as talking to the common people. Four years might seem like a long
time, but I had just gotten comfortable with my life here when I got a call from master Selar. O n one hand it was
good to hear from him again but on the other hand part of me hated to go. This planet was at peace and the job of
being a Guardian here was pretty easy. I represented the Guardians in many ways like giving our blessings on
various projects and doing charitable activates. My favorite weekly activity is visiting hospitals. We take on the
hard cases that the planets medical science cannot cure. I didn’t remember all the details from my past life but I
knew the last few hundred years had been rough. This assignment was like a four year vacation. I finally got to see
all the good things that can happen when the Guardians are around. So like I say getting the ca ll from Master Selar
was bitter sweet. I said goodbye to all my new friends in this galaxy and headed back to the Milky Way.
I reported in to Master Selar as soon as I returned. “Etan my boy it’s so good to see you again.” He said. We talked
for awhile. He briefed me on recent events, and then got serious. “You’ve done well in your training. Eron says
you’re as competent as any planetary Guardian, that’s why effective immediately you’re being promoted to that
status.” I knew that’s what he was training me for, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. Selar explained
“Unfortunately this time there can be no party or celebration; it will have to be in secret, but all preparations have
been made for you already. Your new mother ship is on its way here now. Most of the crew is from your old ship,
including your first officer commander Cobbs.” Commander Cobbs was the grandson of Alesea. She helped me so
much I wanted to return the favor. He was only a private when we first meet but I could see he had a lot of
potential. The only problem I have with him is almost every time he reports something to me its bad news. Maybe
it’s just a coincidence, but it seems to happen that way every time. Every time he begins a report I think oh no here
it comes. I made a request to Selar to be put in charge an ice planet. Maybe I could get one that was peaceful with
no hostile governments and no volcanoes. But Selar already had a n assignment in mind. I will be the Guardian over
Terraca. It was an alternate version of the one I helped save many years ago. Selar didn’t want me to go public just
ye t though. Some unknown adversary was causing trouble throughout the galaxy.