Guardian Core Chronicles Darkess Rises HTML version

Guardian Core Chronicles
Darkness Rises
Note to readers
If this is your first time seeing this series don’t read this story first. Click on Guardian core chronicles or my name
and read them in order. The order is: The Legend begins, Time after time, Home world, the reckoning, the great
divide, Death becomes me, Timescape, and then Darkness Rises.
Prologue by Matt
Were all our problems over now? Could Etan and the others sit back and enjoy the benefits of all their labors? Now
you know better than that. I mean after all what's life without a little excitement. In the last story each of our four
main heroes got shipped off to different locations. In this edition make sure to keep your Guardian light with you as
Darkness rises.
The Interim years
One week after being sent away
1’s comments
I wasn’t an overly emotional person but this hit me pretty hard. I was trained to be tough and in control. But I was
losing my two best friends and would not see my husband again for several years if ever. I know Selar had his
reasons but it was still going to be tough. Reaper would stay in our own galaxy investigating whatever dark powers
were at work but the rest of us were sent to different ones. The galaxy I was sent for was literally on the far side of
the universe. I am the only one from our galaxy here, I will be truly alone. Sometimes it’s hard to be one of the
good guys.
Matts comments
She was sent to a galaxy in the middle of a three way galactic war. To make matters worse the galaxy was attached
to the outer zone of the place of eternal light. So it was saturated with light and rad iation energy. She would spend a
few months in a containment suit that would slowly accommodate her to the new surroundings. It was like a diver
from earth going in a pressurized container to accommodate them to the high pressures of the depths of the ocean.
When she left it will take another month for her to de-saturate down to a normal level.
Misteeks comments
I took a few of my children as company with me but I was far away from home. I wouldn’t see my friends for a
long time. I hope all this will be over soon.
Reapers comments
Well this sucks. I was captured and thrown in a dark hole. I’ve got to say though, as prisons go this one’s not bad.
It’s dark, dank and smelly but at least I don’t have a snoring roommate. The rats are fun to play with and the guards
don’t beat me as often now. Even when you’re in the bottom of dungeon you can still look on the bright side.
Whoever my captors are have erased most of my memory. I don’t even know my real name. They just call me the
hunted. I get flashes of memories in my dreams. I think I might be an espionage agent, and that’s how I got in this
situation. Now I’m just a hunted animal for someone else’s amusement.
4 years later