Grow Rich While You Sleep HTML version

You are not a body with a mind attached. You are a mind with a body attached.
Remember this, and you take your first step toward self-mastery.
Actually, the mind has two levels. The one we know best is the conscious level. It
takes in impressions through your senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and
smell. It is highly effective in making your daily thousand-and-one decisions.
When you perform any conscious act—pick up a pencil, speak to a waiter, make
a phone call—your Conscious Mind sends the orders to your body. And when
you go to sleep, your Conscious Mind goes to sleep. The other level never
sleeps. This is the Creative Mind. Your Creative Mind literally keeps you alive. It
is responsible for the involuntary life-functions such as your heartbeat and your
breathing. It has great control over your glands, the master regulators of your
Most important for our purpose: Your Creative Mind also governs your
personality, your character, your inmost drives, your deepest and most secret
W. Clement Stone conceived a powerful picture in his Creative Mind; he saw
himself controlling a large insurance company. Now, we all know that to start a
business you need capital; in fact, most business failures are caused by lack of
capital to tide-over a bad time. Well, my friend Stone had less than $100 in his
pocket. But he has made a personal fortune of some $100,000,000... beginning
as the head of an insurance company.
How many salesmen will go out today with a good product and a good sales
pitch—and ring up no sale? It's your Conscious Mind that knows the facts about
a product and how it can benefit the user. But it's your Creative Mind that
determines whether you inspire trust or suspicion, belief or doubt—whether you
are the kind of man who is well-liked as soon as he says Hello, or the kind who
shapes up as a negative character whom it's so easy not to do business with.
I don't mean that an image of success in your Creative Mind means that you
cannot possibly fail on any occasion. But I will show you men who, having first
failed, came back and overcame every obstacle. They simply considered every
setback a wonderful opportunity for improvement.
It's your Creative Mind that can and will put you up there among the happy, well-
clothed, and well-supplied people; the people who attract love, who find their way
out of difficulties, and who seem always to live in the sun.
Just as its title promises, this book shows you how to grow rich while you sleep.
You do it by communicating with your Creative Mind while your Conscious Mind
sleeps along with the rest of you!