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How This Book Helps You Grow Rich
PREPARE YOURSELF for a wonderful experience. Whatever you want out of
life, this book will show you the way to make it come to you. Be it money,
influence, love, respect, or admiration—be it any or all of these— it will be yours
in abounding measure.
This way to get rich is universal. It has brought riches to men who work at all
kinds of occupations in many parts of the world. It does not depend on your
education, your background or your luck.
It depends on the most essential, deepest-thinking part of you.
Just look around and you'll see how few men really know what they want or
where they're going. Having no goal in mind, they can't even discern the
difference between what is good for them and what is bad.
If you too are that way—don't worry. This book is going to change you. Start by
remembering that you are better than you consciously think you are. In fact, if
you already know how you would like to spend a lot of money, you are far ahead
of most men!
Before you finish this book, you are going to know once and for all:
How to recognize your real goals in life—no matter what anyone else tries to tell
you how to get acquainted with your real self—your true abilities, your vast fund
of hidden talent.
How to fill yourself with such genuine, deep-down confidence, zest and good-will
that other people will be pleased to help you get what you want.
How to find and hold the full, glorious picture of your own success and build
toward that picture with every word and deed.
As your work multiplies in worth, remember this: You possess not only the things
money can buy, but also the deep, inward satisfaction that comes with making
your life what you want it to be. Growing rich in a way that really expresses you is
just about the most constructive, healthful, joyous thing you can do for yourself!
This entire book is built around a saying in the Bible: As a man thinketh in his
heart, so is he.
Without changing the meaning of this timeless, golden truth, I give it to you more
along the lines of modern psychology: A man is what his Creative Mind says he