Green Smoothie Recipe Ebook HTML version

Green Zest
To make a simple yet healthy green smoothie, you will need the following:
3/4 cups of filtered water
3/4 cups of large de-stemmed kale
1 cup fresh spinach
1 medium to large-sized avocado
1 small peeled fresh ginger
Lemon and zest juice
Stevia drops to desired sweetness
1 tablespoon sunflower lecithin
1 tablespoon omega oil blend
How to make a Green Zest smoothie:
1. Pour water into blender then add the de-stemmed kale, fresh spinach and the
seedless avocado.
2. Start blending the ingredients until well-mixed.
3. Add the ginger, lemon and zest juice, drops of stevia, sunflower lecithin and
omega oil blend.
4. Blend the ingredients until well-mixed and smooth.