Green Smoothie Recipe Ebook HTML version

have time to shop, wash and cut organic green vegetables, this is an
Blend fruits and greens – for 30-60 seconds or until all fruits and greens
are mixed up well and your smoothie turns bright or dark green. Caution not
to over-blend your smoothie as this will lessen the nutrient content and
increase oxidation.
Additives – protein powders, green powders, superfoods, omega-3s, and
sweeteners are some extras which you may add to your smoothie. These
will add more nutrients with extra protein, vitamins and superfoods. When
you want to sweeten your smoothie, you can use sweet fruits or stevia
rather than using table sugar or dangerous artificial sweeteners such as
nutrasweet or splenda.
Whenever possible, use fresh ORGANIC ingredients in all smoothies!