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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Greegs & Ladders

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Published: 2 years ago

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Greegs & Ladders is a wildly exciting tale of three oddball characters romping around space and time. Equal parts social satire and fun loving adventure, Greegs promises laughs, a few mildly intelligent and/or interesting observations, & several run-on sentences. You'll also get to find out what the hell Greegs are, and how life on Earth came to be, and the meaning of it all (at no extra charge.) From the rubbish heaps of Garbotron to the bottommost, subterranean layers of Lincra, find out why Grant T. Ecklesmere called it "The best damned book about Greegs and/or Ladders I've read in a fortnight."

Amrit Sagoo

It's absolutely hilarious!I loved the way that there's a lot to think about when you're reading it. It can be an easy read or you can take the time to look at all the characters even more and get a much deeper understanding of lots of implied stuff (or am I just going in too deep? I don't know)Regardless, loved it. I recommend it for anyone who likes satirical humour. Looking forwards to more from this author

Lee Ashford

I've read and enjoyed "Greegs and Ladders" both for its innate "bizarreness" and for its underlying but very significant critique about how man has treated himself, his planet, his co-residents of Earth, his Universe, and his future. And, yes, I include females in my use of the words "man" and "his". The story follows three immortal non-humans as they travel through time and space, making numerous wagers amongst themselves for the sake of making wagers. The multitudinous species and their contemporary plights all can be seen as a consequence of some specific action synonymous with actions either already taken, or possibly soon to be taken, by humans. The fantastical humor and odd situations serve not to mask the seriousness of the book's message, but rather to enhance it. This is a book to enjoy while reading it, but to think about after you have finished reading it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who can handle satirical science fiction. It probably has too many made-up names and words for the very young reader, but I believe it is appropriate and suitable for pre-High School aged readers, on up through the one-foot-in-the-grave aged readers. I'd give it 5 Stars, but haven't yet figured out how to do that on this site.


Mitchell Mendlow

"I'm 400 pages in and loving it! Great book and great read!" - Some guy on the internet. Greegs & Ladders is a sci-fi satire novel. Get it for free here, or many other sources on

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