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Homicide Detective Michael Locke is an obedient subject of the Masses. However, after an interrogation with his latest catch, the serial killer Hamilton, and being promoted to Govicide Agent, Locke starts to suspect all is not as it seems within the One World Government.


This is not really just "Fiction", it is "Science Fiction". One of the beauties of the genre is that it crosses into other genres. With 'Govicide:Comply' Dentzel crosses into political science, sociology and psychology and does it in a well-paced, believable way. A well-told story of an important premise, that needed to be told. Looking forward to 'Govicide:Survivor' as the remainder of the story also needs to be told.

Lee Willard

In spite of a few imperfections, I liked this book and feel it has an important message. Like Teresa, I agree that democracy has put on it's worst show lately and that we are in danger of some charismatic leader claiming to make it better thru totalitarianism. It could have shed a little more light on the causes of totalitarianism, one of which is the runaway wealth disparity we are seeing today. After all, that is what put Russia back under dictatorship. It could have also examined the dangers of the mega-corporations which are as much a threat to real free enterprise as any dictatorial regime. Maybe in the next book?


Good story. Looking forward to the sequel.

Iron Head

A great read. I will be looking out for the next installment of the story.


An excellent book. And comes at the right time, when democracy is putting up its worst show ever in US,Italy,Greece, India and many other countries. The apparent success of China seems to favour authoritarian regimes over Democracy. This book is a good reminder of the dangers of authoritarian rule. After reading this book one feels reaasured that in spite of all its fault, Democracy is still the best form of Governance

Nathalie Plouffe

Really exciting, keeps you wondering and guessing about what's going on. Loved it and well written.


when is the next one coming out cant wait i didn't wont the book to end more PLEASE

Jeannette Clarida

love it is there more?

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