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benevolent. There are still some tribal governments today in Africa and parts of Asia but they are limited
in scope and in authority and subject to violent overthrow and instability.
The most common form of government was that of a strong king or ruler who governed through the use
of force. His armies were supported by granting lands to his army leaders which enabled them to support
their soldiers by taxing the peasants who tilled that land. The king was aware that his wealt h and
strength would be increased by adding to that land and so it was common for those kings to wage war
and attempt to increase their power and authority.
History seems to be primarily reciting the wars and conflicts that took place throughout the world.
Governments were formed mainly to support the kings and rulers and their main function was to protect
themselves through building castles and some infrastructures that enabled them to transport their war
equipment and by having large armies. While they employed some servants there was no attempt to
provide services to their minions other than protection so those governments were fairly simple.
The Magna Charta in 1215 was one of the first attempts to obtain rights for the people but the kings still
controlled the army and had the power to rule. Even though there began to be legislatures to enact laws
to protect people the kings were still in charge. It wasn’t until late in the 17th century that kings tried to
keep the loyalty of their subjects and to provide some services to their citizens and even to gain their
approval. That even extended to having legislatures elected to pass laws and to have judges to provide
Our founding fathers were aware of the past governments and also of past theories and visions of ideal
governments. From their viewpoint governments had been instruments of oppression, slavery and had
deprived millions of freedom. In the past century governments have been the most murderous ever even
killing their own citizens. Stalin killed over 10 million, Mao somewhere around 60 million and Hitler
about 6 million. That doesn’t count what took place in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba and North
Korea among those communist governments.
Our government was one that was limited in its powers and constrained by checks and balances within
that government. States retained great powers and within the federal government the functions of
legislating, judging, and executing were separated with each of those functions being further restrained
by checks given to each function permitting it to restrain the other functions.
Therefore, that government was able to protect life, liberty and property and in the next 150 years we
became the strongest, wealthiest, and freest country in the world. However, the last 70 years has seen
that government take upon itself many powers that were not in our constitution and the effect has been
detrimental to our wealth, strength and freedom. The latest Index of Economic Freedom (2010) rates the
United States in the eighth position considering freedom. The largest reason for the drop was due to
losses in financial and monetary freedom (due to our Federal Reserve) and worsening of property rights.
With FD Roosevelt the government was increased to include functions never anticipated by our
founding fathers. LB Johnson did his part in adding to the government as well and the last ten years has
been especially bad for us. At the turn of the century the USA was producing 32 percent of the world’s
gross domestic product and had a relatively low debt in relation to our output with one of the lowest
rates of unemployment in the world. At the end of this decade we produced 24 percent of the world’s
GDP (which still is nearly three times that of anyone else), had a deficit of 10 percent of GDP, an
unemployment rate of 10 percent and our dollar had lost half of its value against the euro. In spite of our
wealth of natural resources we are dependent upon foreign countries for our energy and our situation is
Something is very, very wrong. We are still the same people, capable of great actions but it is our
government that is holding us back. It needs to be changed and we need to return to the system that
brought greatness to us and that system was built around our constitution. We must overturn the
socialism we have adopted and return to the constitution.