Government by Bureaucrats or Congress is Irrelevant


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Something is very, very wrong in America. We seem to have lost our way. We are still the same people, just as capable of greatness as we ever were. It is our government that has changed. Now, instead of helping us to achieve greatness, it holds us back. We need to return to the rule of law, to the Constitution that made us great. This book tells how.


The book is written without any citation any theory on which the aoutor gives reasons for reasons of problems in US. It is like criticism based on someones thots not real resurch. This book should not be placed under the academic litearture! And I have not a single good word for the end of the book which is saying to bring all European people in to the fight for Mexican borders...I mean that is political problem which should be solwed by politicians and not war...killing people because you cant solve issues about migrations and poverty.p.s.I am apologise for my bad English.

Wade Welch

The author put much effort into gathering data, but the presentation is irresponsible. I agree that our country is messed up, but the causes are not established as mentioned. It is a big waste of words. I recommend rewriting so it is readable, and the author should establish his stance and deliver his message along the way. A reader has no chance. Sorry, beause I wanted to like this book. Politics can never be the solution...only the problem. Why not give the reader a chance?


Every American should know these facts! We're rapidly turning into a fascist police state.


Keith Snelson

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