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a) Search Engine Lies 5 b) Search Engine ‘Optimization’ Craze 6




a) Amazing Invention 12 b) Mortal Kombat 13


Getting Started

a) Don’t Leave The Yellow Brick Road 15
b) The BIG Secrets About Search Engine Optimization 17
c) World’s BEST Underground Sandbox Strategy 19



Part 1: SEO Myths – Glass Of SEO Shaken Not Stirred

a) SEO - The Chosen One 20
b) Keyword Research – The Fascinating Truth 22
c) Keyword/Phrase Variations – The Back Door Strategy 25
d) Keyword Density – End Of Days! 28
e) Site Structure – eBay Blast 29

Part 2: Optimization – The Real Million Dollar Rolodex 33

a) Internal & External Linking 43
b) Myth About Back Links 43
c) Linking Nightmares 43
d) Overcome Link Madness 45

Part 3: Content – The Next Generation

a) Content For Your Website 55
b) Absolute Theory To What To Write? 56
c) Billion Of Information Pages 59
d) Article Directory Myth Uncovered! 66
e) Simple Article Directory Rules 71
f) Article Powering Your Ranks 72
g) Site Directory Submission 73



Method 1 – Mini Sites On Steroids

a) Introduction 75
b) Keywords (example included) 76
c) Site Structure (example included) 77
d) Site Submission (including examples) 82
e) Content Creation (including examples) 83
f) Article Submission 88
g) Mini-Site Creation Blueprint 89
h) Mini-Site Creation Flowchart 91
i) Quick Click Bank Action Plan (affiliate products) 92

Method 2 – Market/Niche Domination

a) Introduction 93
b) Niche Shake Up 94
c) Beating The BIG Boys 95
d) Ranked Within 60 Minutes Challenge 97
e) Profiting In 15 Minutes 98
f) Make Money Without A Website 101 g) Horse Racing Niche 104 h) Market/Niche Creation Blueprint 106 i) Market/Niche Domination Flowchart 109



Conclusion 110



a) Site Submission Blueprint 112
b) Content Blueprint 113
c) Article Directory Blueprint 114
d) No Website Control Blueprint 115


500+ Article Directory List 118
Site Submission Directory List 128
a) Search Engine Lies

Forget everything you know about search engines and just read this book. I’m not going to dilute any method or create a fascinating theory behind it, however I will reveal all the misconceptions you know, heard, read or have about them.

The question we need to ask ourselves is… are we internet marketers wanting to make some real money or are we simply labeled as Search Engine Octopuses (SEO)? The ones that sit in front of their PC all day trying to make a dollar or two, going insane in the process trying every possible method that is being buzzed about?

Let’s look at what’s being brought to our attentions daily… the most common misconception about SEO is backward linking. It goes back some time when it originally came about, everyone including their grandma were searching for back links. Now … what does Google like about back links besides the obvious fact that it could help you rank higher in search engines? But remember the keyword here… ‘could’!

I know of an Internet marketing guru who got a page 1 ranking for an exclusive keyword phrase that thousands compete for. It was true he was on page 1 but over the 2 weeks, he dropped and shot back to where he belonged. No more page 1 ranking anymore. So it’s not what you do… it’s how you do it!

Anyway keywords come second or first in the eyes of a webmaster. But it all depends on your strategy. Now don’t be fooled or concerned about the keyword strategy. The whole idea is to create a website, but the question you need to ask yourself is… why are you creating that website? What is the purpose of the website? It’s true that even an 11 year old can build a website thanks to the learning curriculum of our education system.

Building a website and the reason why it exists are 2 different concepts altogether. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that rocket science is involved due to the requirements. Yes, you can build a website, but wouldn’t it better to know why it exists? You do want to make money I know, but that’s short term. Wouldn’t you want that same site to make money for the long term as well?

Anyway, people and webmasters especially, crave the idea of getting back links. But if you look at it from a different perspective, a whole new level, it could be more profitable in the long run and less time consuming too.

How many people do you have emailing you and requesting a backward link? Under the agenda, ‘oh, I came upon your site and I think it’s wonderful and would be credible if we exchange links’?

Me, I get hundreds of people emailing me every month for a back link, but to be frank I don’t even batter an eye lid to open them. I agree some will have a fascinating subject line that makes you open the email, but I generally stay away. Mainly for 2 reasons...

Number 1: First we exchange links and it’s good to a certain extent. But how long is it before you discover the other webmaster has taken off your link and is profiting from yours or does anyone ever really profit from one?

Number 2: Do you have any idea how much time it takes to keep on track of back linking? Damn, I’ll need extra people employed full time for such an activity. It’s hard work!

Yes, we do also get webmasters in forums that say we should request back links from other websites, spending about an hour or two a day. Now as a marketer, would that be feasible to your overall strategy?
I don’t care what the big marketing gurus tell you about back links as they have the funds like many others don’t.

Nevertheless since I capitalized on search engines whether it’s Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other major engine, I never spent much time looking for back links. I admit I did before thanks to another marketing guru, but that was a graving mistake I learnt. It is true, that backward links are important, but I’m going to show you a better and easy way of obtaining them without begging.

Remember when blogging hit the internet marketing scenes, how crazy was it? Damn crazy that millions to be listed next to the BIG boys, which ultimately was bought out by Google. True in nature, people did get top rankings initially but now it is so damn difficult to be seen anywhere near the top. Is blog and ping a dying myth? How many sites do you know or that exist, use this method now and stay alive for more than 6 months?

Myth … blogs get index faster as the search engines love them, my simple answer… ‘yeah, right!’

A clear explanation... if there are several hundred accounts then it could possibly still retain its uniqueness. Now if there are millions of people with the same template website, what does that ultimately conclude? A footprint! In other words duplicate templates.

Remember I said templates, not websites, as each one could have different content. The other thing is … how good is the content?


Are you using for your website? Do you know anybody else using the same Wordpress template?


Is this beginning to explain why you never find yourself in the top 10 pages? Google doesn’t only hate duplicate content, it also HATES duplicate templates.


Now wouldn’t it better if you did something once, the first time round, which you could keep reaping the benefits for life?

Getting into Google, Yahoo and MSN, knowing first hand, you have nothing to worry about could mean you can finally get a peaceful night sleep. With the method I’m going to teach, you will benefit over and over and over again. Plus did I mention you will dominate any niche you touch? b) Search Engine ‘Optimization’ Craze

The craze for high ranking AND unlimited traffic is never ending. Each webmaster is hungry to obtain the top ranks of the search engines and attract an absurd amount of traffic with little effort from Google, Yahoo & MSN! Thousands will scour forums and search for tools for the latest miracle strategy, spending their hard earned savings on a fad.

Nevertheless there are some, a small minority who will avoid these tactics altogether and stick to their foundations. The basicfoundations! These are the smart ones that keep away from the gossip, the next generation fool, I mean tool, the next bandwagon of high hopes and continue to do what they do everyday better than the majority.

They’ll follow simple rules set out by search engines and reap the benefits for years to come. Look at it this way, a tool or software comes to the market, everyone gets their hands on it. By this I mean everyone, the guy across the street has probably got it too. The owner makes a ton of money for selling it and the remainder is what we call ‘mass’ users. Remember the Model T Ford?

Now when everyone is using the same tool or software to create websites, how long will it be before Google sends in a red flag elite group? Everyone on the bandwagon is doing the exact same if not similar. That’s the crush. Duplication and in the masses! Plus the quality is dangerous too. I mean you remember the traffic equalizer days? Blank page with dozens of links? I tried this too, saw the pattern emerging and walked away.

Now I’m not saying traffic equalizer is crap. It’s excellent, if you use it properly!

I always believed to think, if I try something out of the ordinary or for that matter different, we’ll get better results? The fact of the matter is we believe the simple things in life are difficult to achieve so we don’t follow accordingly to the simple plan laid out for us. We break away from the simple rules and try something extensively different and difficult as the simple methods seem too good to be true to work. Meaning it seems too easy to do so we don’t apply it! That’s our MISTAKE!!!

This is single most important line you need to understand in this book… the methods will seem simple and easy to do. They’re not difficult, they’re easy to follow AND they work! Don’t fall victim thinking it’s too easy and simple therefore true to good to be true.

Anyway, the brave ones that stayed away from fads, not only do they save their money, but also their valuable time and effort. As essentially time is the number 1 factor for online success as without that we are doomed. Even I would wish there’s more than 24 hours in a day, but that’s life. So follow something that can’t be changed like the hours. Follow what Google wants and you WILL be rewarded.

There’s no difference for time for the one that cheat the search engines and the one that follow. You both get the same number of hours, the trickster will see his efforts vanish within 3 months, so why even go down that route?

Anyway, what I can tell you for sure is that 99% of webmasters are not using my strategies. However, whilst reading this another hundred are starting. So that’s why I must emphasize that if you get into this quick, you will dominate your market regardless of the competition. Apply the techniques before your competitors.

The methods are here to stay and you need to never worry about algorithm changes as you will have the right structured site, with the right set of keywords and the right content that search engines will love.

Whether you want to profit from Adsense, affiliates, your own product or service… follow Google Snatch. These strategies will outperform 99% of all your competitors as they don’t know them. Getting high page ranking in search engines can be problematic especially when you keep jumping from forum to forum and listening to everyone that claims to be the expert.

Getting high ranks in search engines is practically possible, if you leave the jargon on the table. I can on the other hand ‘woooosahh’ you to success, but I would be lying. It does take some work and a bit of thinking on your behalf. But better yet, I’ll create the plan and leave it in your discretion to execute.


Each market is profitable if you approach it correctly. I mean anyone can set up a website, couple of flashy images and pages that look attractive. Then all you need to do is tell a couple of friends and ‘ching, ching’ you have people at your site. Your Alexa ranking starts to shoot off. is a website that ranks websites amongst popularity (the lower the number the higher the traffic)… insert thetoolbar and you can check your rankings on the internet and against your competitors.

Anyway, we don’t want these types of friendly visitors, we want real visitors and people interested and craving for your product or service and would take out their credit card and pay.


How many people can you interest on your street for go-karts? 1 maybe 2? How many can you interest in your town? 50…? In your city? Nationally? Or even better internationally?

World interest is what you want to be after. We are playing within international markets, globalization at its best! The days are getting to an end, when we walk down the mall to do our shopping. We do kill a whole day, but now we have the facility to do it in a couple of clicks in mere seconds. We even pay bills online because we hate standing in long customer service queues!

Millions of people are entering cyberspace and want to spend money conveniently. No more waiting in a queue to pay for a book (Amazon), no more wasted hours searching for bargains (eBay) or even more cars bought and sold nationally (Autotrader).

This isn’t something that will vanish overnight, not anymore. Large sites took a beating when they first launched, but now they’re standing on their own 2 feet making millions!


Now do you want customers, sometimes crazy ones, that want to buy from you? Do you want everyone coming to you instead of the store next door?

Do you want everyone coming to door number 1 or door number 7 on the prestigious block on the net (Google)? Search engine listings are the same. Position number 1 has a neighbor, position number 2. Position 2 also has a neighbor position number 3. Now everyone wants to be at position number 1. The worlds best location for the most business on a prestigious block (Google).

Wouldn’t you like that? Residing at number 1 on the most prestigious block in cyberspace?


Great feeling … I should know!:


Plus, is it a hungry market? People enter the keyword, they see your store at number 1 and millions of people without thinking twice, click.


You get a stampede of customers, hundreds, millions, the lot.

Anyway back to reality… Now a hungry market, doesn’t know you exist. So it’s our job, more precisely your job to show the world your business, your website. Where do you want to be? First page of Google with unlimited, global and hungry customers or in the local paper where a handful would be interested?

You don’t practically need to be Bill Gates or Richard Branson to get on page one. Yet again, they aren’t even close. So we are going to make friends with the search engines and give them what they want, but not only that… we’re going to get much more in return. Plus some other sneaky techniques that you leverage excessively!

So … what do they need?


Fresh, quality content! What a bummer, you might say… but don’t worry, it’s not what you think.

Fresh because they are always looking for relevant content in order to take out the garbage. Quality is what leaves you there for years to come. Even if your site goes down, your quality content will make its mark on the internet highway!

I remember placing a quality article on the internet, quite some time ago. Got a page one ranking for a very highly competitive keyword, checked back 4 weeks later and the article was placed on over 2,300 websites. Quality content will spread like wildfire, where bad content, will get dropped for sure within 3 months, when Google pays a visit.

People try to be jack of all trades in the internet marketing world… SEO, backward link finding, programming, designing and many other things that brings a website to life. I on the other hand concentrate on content, search engine content and take note as I did NOT say search engine optimization. I churn out hundreds of articles a month, and my traffic is ‘leveraged’ purely from it.

So let’s go through what the game plan is…

I’m not here to teach you about market research as this area is practically a topic of its own. I know, many go through it in like 2 minutes, but you need to understand what you are getting yourself into. Every market is profitable. Period! Let it mosquitoes, boats, elephants, beds and even water bottles. Well done 50 Cent! So practically you can choose which ever market you feel ‘comfortable’ with.

The reason why I say comfortable is because, if this is your first run, you don’t want to get stuck. Choose a market you are familiar with, as your first site, if it is, is going to be your experience site. Being passionate about something will let you expand your horizons further and enter smaller areas that you thought never existed before. So when you start your next site, expanding your horizons for that new market will be easier to implement for.

Keyword research is essential – it is the backbone of your company, your website. I don’t want you to start on a couple of keywords… I rather you start on several hundred. Shocking? Don’t worry, it’s not what you think. Everyone can create a 15 page website, the problem comes afterthe 15 pages especially when they are dumped anywhere and everywhere on the website.

Big sites like, why do you think they rank high in many categories? You spend days crafting and tweaking a webpage to be ranked number 1. Within days, an article gets posted in your niche on and your site is taken from the holding position. You’ve been informed that you no longer reside at number 1. Why do you think that happens? Is it because of’s pagerank? Many backward linking pages? Remember it’s a brand new article just like your webpage, the only difference is… you are told to relocate.

So you can begin to understand it’s also to do with positioning and your location. The better positioned and located your store is, the more business you will get. Same with keywords… only if they are positioned and located properly. We’ll get into that later.
Once you have your keywords together, craft your site. Layout your keywords in an excel spreadsheet and start positioning. You want to position your keywords in such a manner that it flows consistently. A, followed by B, followed by C and so forth.

Critical steps to search engine success. Give life to your keywords like a family tree and watch the power in the branches make them immortal for decades to come.

What do the search engines love? Content and more quality content. Each branch on the tree needs water, so how do you think it reaches the branch? The water feeds itself through the trunk to each branch. The structure of the tree seamlessly allows the flow of water to reach each branch. Your website needs to do the same, it needs fresh content, keyword content to keep it alive. Once the structure starts to spread, it only takes a few hours a month to maintain its success.

I create sites from scratch, nourish them on a monthly basis and they always never disappoint me. I find what’s new to the market each month, research to see new entry of keywords and update my site accordingly. Takes probably 60 – 120 minutes a month? Sometimes less!?

So let me shake you a little bit before carrying on. Each method may seem obvious to the little eye, but that’s not the point. We’ve heard about directory submissions, keywords, seo, blah, blah… but are they really effective? If you use them correctly using methods that are so obvious then you will prosper. So it’s the technique that counts not just knowing the method.

You may have noticed by now I haven’t mentioned any tools like SEO Elite, Axandra and many other SEO helping tools. If you want to get technical and spend your spare time analyzing pages of data then be my guest. I rather have a formula that works and constantly create content that will help further my success.

I seriously don’t spend any if not much time seeing where I went wrong on the page which is never too often. Maybe I miscalculated a page, but never would I sit and ponder over a page over another page.

I see the initial steps of a website more crucial than the latter ones. We’re here to get high traffic levels and search engine rankings, not spend countless hours worrying why a page didn’t make it to page one.

I do have some pages that rank on page 3. Rarely do I see myself falling behind from there. I concentrate on every ‘profitable’ keyword, whether long tail or short and use them to power up my money terms which ultimately lets me rank high for very highly competitive keywords. Searches that are in the 5 figures a day.

Long tail are keywords of more than 2 words (less people searching) and a short tail is 2 or less words (more people searching). Remember long tail keywords are ONLY typed in by a searcher IF they can’t find what they are looking for using short tail keyword phrases. If you can provide solutions for short tail keyword searches then people won’t search on long tail keywords.

Anyway, anything is possible on the search engines. Would you want to follow a blueprint so that no matter which keyword you choose for your website, it guarantees itself a residency on Google? Introduction


Congratulations as finally we’re entering the REAL work of traffic generation. I can't emphasise enough for how much you shall thank yourself for reading my words.

Not just you but I’ve bought book after book, software after software, read material after material, but there was always something in there that I just knew was missing. The real golden nuggets that every guru holds close to their chest. Lucky for me … I’m not a guru! So I wasn’t getting them and neither were you.

Success didn’t come overnight, I set some goals and went out to achieve them. I made mistakes as many of us do, especially on the internet. It’s not easy to make a living from the information highway unless you know what you’re doing and where you’re heading. Plus making money online is VERY different to offline. The principles are the same just the techniques are different.

I admit I’ve spend thousands of dollars searching for the light in traffic, not SEO. It was entrapment, I didn’t have a choice but to keep searching for a solution that worked. Obviously I hated my limited, corporate job and it became an excuse to make sure this worked for the better.

My clear cut advice for you today is not to buy another book until you have actioned upon this one. Create a website with my strategies and you will surely see a hell of a traffic surge.

Building websites is one skill, but people finding your site is a technique. So valuable thus it is claimed as secrets that many people, even gurus, won't even disclose. It is called traffic, TARGETED TRAFFIC! So powerful that Internet companies can charge anything up to $500 per PAGE.

If you have a 100 page site, that's $50,000, and I won't say what percentage of that is profit for them! I have also been asked to go into the traffic ‘service’ business full time but I like to relax a bit after a days hard work (chuckle) so left it in the pipeline.

Here’s an email I got recently from one company and it actually shocked me as people who didn’t know where ACTAULLY buying their services… what a joke!


Hi Latif


It was nice talking to you.


Following is our proposal for site link building, blogs, article writing and submission:


1) 500 one way ethical and relevant links (combination of homepage pr3, pr4 ,pr5) for $7500.


2) 100 article promotions and 100 blogs at a discounted price of $3000.


Total project value comes out to be $10,500. At a discounted value of 20%, project pricing comes out to be $8400.


We will need only 20% upfront i.e. $1680 to initiate. Rest of the payments will be split 4 instalments over a period of 6 months.

If that is agreed by you, please send us the name of the site and we will initiate within 24-48 hours.
Thanks & Regards, Name Withheld

I’ve got to be honest with you… when they said $10,000 I started laughing… and just to be sure I asked again to confirm as to me it sounded like a joke. The links they were getting weren’t PR3, 4 and 5. They were sites with those page ranks, but my link would have been hidden deep within the site and never found AND those pages don’t have any PR.

Getting 500 links as they say, can all be done by yourself AND you will save $7,500.

The articles they were talking about were articles I create and THEY post for $3,000. They were charging $3,000 for posting MY articles. So overall in this book I am ultimately saving you $10,000 by staying away from such companies. The reason why people buy these services is because they don’t have the slightest clue. I still to this date can’t get over the $10,000 they were asking me for.

The anger remains the same nevertheless, 'how can I get people to my site.' This is what you are going to learn. The 'how can I?’ The million dollar question that’s finally going to be answered?!

I remember going on the Internet 7 years ago and I wasn't amazed at all. For me it was just another 'invention' for some bureaucrat who would get rich overnight with other peoples money. Then after a while would vanish and would be replaced by some other 'robotic' gadget.

In the early days, I would type a keyword and would get an absolute load of crap, totally irrelevant to what I'm searching for. But since I was in my kindergarten years on the Internet, everything was like 'wow'. After 3 hours I'll be still saying wow and slowly forgetting what the hell I was doing there in the first place.
a) Amazing Invention

It was amazing, I could search for something and I would get an endless list of stuff that I would end up clicking on. Pay-per-click wasn't on display then, however just imagine the new comers clicking on those ads and accumulating a huge bill to advertisers for exploring? Oops, sorry Adworders, guess you didn’t want to hear that!

Anyway, I became hooked! I went onto the Internet, god knows what exactly for and would be searching anything and everything. And no... porn wasn't really on there as yet, but surely did find its way.

A small minority went crazy, expect for most, who would say 'you don't need the Internet', but hey, that's their opinion, until one day...


An Internet Company Sold For Millions!


Now everybody got off their asses... and I mean physically got off their asses and flooded the Internet for finding ways of making money to create the next million dollar buyout!

But it wasn’t happening. It started at the bottom, first it was the domain names then it was simple services which were like a miracle come true for some bureaucrats, who would fork out more millions to some technical nerds to provide a virtual service.

But, you know what happens when the market gets flooded rapidly with people going crazy and buying into virtual tech companies? Companies that were mainly created by techies who didn’t have a clue about business or where it would take them! Large investors… think how stupid they were?

And it happened...


Many and I mean many people lost a hell of a lot of money overnight... virtual money which suddenly vanished. Figure that out?!?!


Paying others a handsome fortune! Only the few who didn't rush into the game, survived. The ones like, eBay and Amazon, the ones that had a 'real' business plan.

Over time bad news fades away like everything else, but this time people were wise, very very wise. Especially the ones that invested millions! Many turned a blind eye due to experience even though the Internet was here to STAY just like the telephone (cell phone) in your pocket today! Most of them went back to BLUE CHIP companies.
b) Mortal Kombat!

Today, it's better and the competition is brutal and fierce. So fierce that whoever remained on the Internet back then were glad they did! Type a popular keyword and look at how many searches come under those results. Hundred of millions! Do you know how difficult, it is to get on page one?

Okay, now a personal question. How much would you pay to get listed, yes... just listed, on major search engines within 24-48 hours? $50? $100? $250?

When I first started, it was difficult, very difficult to be listed or find my pages on the Internet. I kept assuring myself that I had submitted to Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. But I couldn't find myself 'anywhere' on the Internet.

Why hadn't Yahoo yahooed me?


Why hasn't Google googled me yet?

The search for such power of search engine ranking information is crucial to survive on the Internet. I know how long it took me to get results, but now I know within 60 minutes my sites can get spidered by all the major search engines and I do find my pages. Now I don't even bother to look as I know for I’m in sure!

Amazing as it seems, but the feeling that rushes through you, I just can't explain. Probably in similar comparison to when the first man entered space, but mine in cyberspace.

I was stunned, so stunned that I checked all major search engines, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I nearly had tears leaving my eyes, tears of joy! I was so chuffed that I told my family, I could get my pages on the internet within 24 hours. They weren't that impressed, but if I told you, you'll definitely want to know how? Right?

I hopefully, throughout this material, can simplify the process for you in terms of what and how it can be done. Surely there are many other ways to do it, but I rather not overfill your head with too much that you'll never start. I'll give you a blueprint of how it's done if you want results.

I do also hope that you will enjoy every single second of this journey, because at the end of it I want you to say 'WOW, this IS the answer to the million dollar question!’ Are you ready to start... good, here we go...


Method 2 – Market/Niche Domination


a) Introduction

I’ve entered several niches before and worked my butt off getting traffic and believe me at the unknown how method, I failed miserably and can understand your grief about traffic generation if you fell into that trap.

Is it possible to dominate a niche? I’ll let you answer that! I do all this by simple research, which then leads to building the site with content. I honestly can go after any market I want and you should be in that position too after reading this book.

Tip: 95% of the people in your competition are NOT content aware!


To my amazement, dominating a niche is so simple, that after reading this book, I wouldn’t be surprised if you went after hundreds of niches. As this method works over and over again.

Let me give you an example. I have a website in the legal market as you already have discovered… 6-9 months ago I was doing good on MSN and Yahoo. But the main traffic driver was Google. So I stepped away from my old strategy and worked on Google.

I understood the requirements, finally, with Google and I went away and re-did my whole site. I mean physically I had to change all the structure of my site ( to my new profound method.

I understood to believe that MSN and Yahoo will soon follow Google’s intelligent indexing method and got cracking on the site. Now I’m giving you the full blueprint to this method, so here I’ll be brief to what happened.

The main keyword gets about 42,000 searches a day. Now many will look at this figure and understand, impossible! I would be too if I was in your shoes, but you’ll start wearing my shoes soon.

So in essence the 3 keywords in total gathered about just under 100,000 searches a day.


Let me show you how competitive this market is …


I get emails like this all the time but this is a recent one.


Hi Latif,

I work with solicitors in (xx state xx) to get them an online presence. Currently we are targeting the (X Legal X) market and your site fits the bill. I have some questions if you don't mind:

1) Are you getting many enquiries through the website?
2) How are you currently promoting the site?
3) Do you use Google Adwords? If so, did it work?
4) Would you be interested in selling or maybe we can work together?

Kind Regards.


I have eliminated his name for security reasons. But anyway… Can you see the level of interest?

1) Am I getting many enquiries? Stupid question as he found me through Google
2) FREE click formula
3) Did once upon a time!

The last question ‘would I be interested in selling my site?’


Anyway … what kind of power will this have on you knowing that people, companies and businesses are after your website? So what I’m saying is… anything is possible on the internet! b) Niche Shake UP!

Everyone will understand and believe, thanks to some ‘gurus’ and I won’t mention their names, that going for the main keywords in a niche, which has about 5,000 searches a month is the best solution.

Now I can laugh in their face and let you in on a couple of findings. Let’s look at a niche, golf for argument sake as all of you will know what I’m talking about.


Golf gets approximately 20,000 searches a day by people looking for information about golf. True? I understand this to be highly incorrect. Here’s why…


Number 1: Are these customers? Number 2: Are these competitors?


It’s simple. In a market or niche, how many webmasters do market research and search for the keyword golf? How many people (customers) search for the product or service like golf?

So in essence I always divide the number by 2, depending on the market. For my legal market, the 42,000, I would guess, it would be less than a 1/3. Simply because as it’s being the number 1 keyword in the industry 2 things happen.

The webmaster will create articles, blog posts or whatever for the main keyword, then often go back to Google and google in the main keyword. How many of us do that?


So the figure you get from the keyword tools are not all customers or potential ones. You’ll have to estimate yourself and take out the garbage.


Now I don’t know the golf market but can probably estimate less than half of the figures are potential customers.

So always remember this point when you do keyword research, the number that the keyword tool brings back is not potential customers. You’ll need to eliminate the webmasters and your competitor searches too.

I hope that clears some figures your gurus tell you.

Ok, before I forget, I’ll talk about this wonderful theory that some gurus tell you about niche markets. They will talk about a niche market to their list and gives them an opportunity to get in on the action. Let’s take this in 2 phases, month 1 and month 2.

Your guru tells you about a niche and you start your market/keyword research. So the subscriber on the email list, the ones who keeps up-to-date with their gurus regardless, get started. Now every list is not 100% profitable as we have lay-abouts on them. So month 1 the eager ones do the research and get in on the action. Now we have hundreds of people going after this singleniche.

Now the first month, there’s about 10,000 searches. Now, the less eager subscribers finally open their email and do their keyword research the following month. Now this month there’s 45,000 searches. Wow!

To them it looks like a very profitable market and go crazy getting the niche set up, not realizing that hundred of searches were done by the eager people on the list the previous month.


Now can you see what just happened?

If the market all of a sudden jumps in the hundreds, the search results are not correct or true. Now I’m not saying do research, the first month, the second and the third to get a clear picture of the niche. Just be smart to how you approach a market. You want to stay clear of competitor search and the actual customer search.
c) Beating The BIG Boys!

Is it possible to beat the big boys at their own game? I can answer this but I would scare you. So I’m going to let you be the judge of that.


I’m going to use 2 very large well known websites to give my example. and


What we all know about these sites, is that, they are popular and turns over millions of dollars.


Everyone’s heard of these sites, so you can go straight to the URL address bar and insert the domain name.

Autotrader and eBay are companies with popular brand names who spend millions of dollars on advertising. People DON’T need to use the search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN to find them, they know them. Many people looking for a car will go straight or if they’re looking for a bargain will go

Are you getting the picture as yet?


Ok, let go deeper…

Since the PS3 came out, many people would have been to the shops without luck, came home and searched on the internet. They Google search the product and still couldn’t be found anywhere without joining a backorder queue. Then, they think of eBay and search for it. They find it. They buy it.

Can you see what happened here? eBay didn’t come up in the search engine top ranks. Type any product you want that eBay lists, does it appear on the 1stpage of Google? Not one! So think about it. You can dominate any niche you want and compete with the big boys.

Next example, you want to buy a car, a Honda Accord. Search on Google, can you see Autotrader anywhere? Didn’t think so!

Brand names are expensive but keywords are free. Find the market you want to dominate and beat it regardless how much money is spent on the brand name. Let them live off the million dollar advertising campaigns on brand name and you can live off the top search keywords in the industry for free.

They even pump a lot of money on Google Adwords for keywords that are literally paid off in mere seconds due to the scale of advertising they do. The BIG corps have up to 9 figures to spend on advertising. What’s your budget?

Now as I was saying earlier…


Is it possible to beat the big boys at their own game? ;)


My example:, who is my BIGGEST competitors, the ones with the money?

Have you heard of ‘The AA’ or ‘RAC’? The 2 largest car recovery firms in the UK! The ones that patrol the motorways, in either a yellow or orange van. Well check on the search engines and you will discover I physically leave them standing.

These guys are spending millions of pounds on brand (i.e. RAC & AA) advertising and I spend zilch to get the lion’s share online.


d) Ranked Within 60 Minutes Challenge Here’s something you’ve been craving for… getting ranked within 60 minutes.


No hocus pocus … just plain and simple.

When we submit to article directories the good ones have PR 6 and above! Theses sites have pulling power to when Google spiders visits their site. Meaning since Google regularly visits high PR sites, they re-cache (re-index) the entire page.

So when you post an article on a high PR site, the chances are that you could extract Google spiders from the high PR site to yours.


For example…

You post an article to a directory site, Google visits it, crawls it and follows the links. Since you have a new (article) entry, Google will catch you on that page. So basically you can practically have your page cached within 60 minutes, depending on when Google is visiting.

Nobody knows exactly when Google visits and that’s the only problem. However with high PR sites, it visits very regularly.

Send out your content to these high PR (articles directory) sites and get index faster than ever, so there’s no need to pay these SEO firms an absurd amount of money JUST to get listed in the engines.

Take Note: When you create a page, upload it. Write down the date somewhere to keep a record. On that same day, submit to several top article directories with your articles (there’s a list in the appendix).

Check the next day to see if you are indexed. If not wait the next day and then the next. You see Google doesn’t update their servers quickly enough to capture the new data online. However once you can see you are cached (indexed), you will notice that your page was indexed several days ago when you originally created the page. Now look at the date you created the page and compare it to when you were indexed.
h) Mini Site Creation Flowchart


i) Market/Niche Domination Flowchart




Some of you want to make money today, but I’ll be honest with you. It CAN happen, this method does require some work just like it does for any other method. Nevertheless this method is here to stay and will beat any of your other methods plus it won’t cost a penny.

I’ll tell you a little secret and hope it stays within my circle. I haven’t touched in the last 3-4 months. Meaning I haven’t spent a single day playing with pages. It is still running on Google as page 1. So I’ll let you conclude if my methods work AND it’s the most competitive market in the industry.

Firstly if you’re starting fresh and don’t have a website, then first you’ll need to create one anyway. After that you’ll want to make money straight away. I can suggest you start on Adwords and waste money, like many do as you’re not the only one click on competitor ads.

But if you wait just that extra moment then you will reap the benefits over and over again and never have to spend a penny on advertising.


I must admit I did use Adwords myself but was always a culprit to my competitors. I get more clicks from competitors than customers. So I gave up!

Now I just use keyword structured content to make money with free top listings on the major search engines and leveraging from article directories. By the way I also DOMINATE Yahoo and MSN with my legal site.:

Be wise in the route you take. Do you want to keep spending money to make money or would you rather make money instead of spend it?

If you have good rankings for an existing website on the search engines then I recommend you keep it that way. I would also recommend, to apply the techniques outlined in this book. But do it wisely to certain pages that don’t have good rankings. Don’t rush and restructure your site after reading this. If you have good ranking, let it be. However sooner or later you may drop. So I’m just warning you to be prepared.

But if your rankings aren’t helping then I suggest you apply the techniques from this book immediately.


As this way your content is already there and all you need to do is follow this book to skyrocket your results.

Some things may have gone over your head, so it would be wise to go back and re-read this book one more time. You don’t want to be diluted with what you have read as it’s very powerful. And secondly I don’t want to reply to a thousand emails, where it clearly answered your question in the book. So I recommend you go back as I’m sure I can create a bigger ‘aaahhaah’ effect the second time round.

Now since we’ve come to the end, there are 2 things I can expect you to do. Number 1, close it and take no action or number 2, close it and take action.

I admit it will take some effort on your behalf. I can also feel you saying, ‘oh, here goes another one, I’ve heard this before!’
Well, let me explain it crystal clear. You read this book to get an absurd amount free traffic and make a lot of money in the process plus you wanted blueprints. If you apply what I’ve written then for sure your site will crush your competition, without question.

Remember it’s the same principle as being at work, you’re informed to take an IT course to develop your technical skills then my sure bet would be the excuse not to learn the new skill. Now your options are… learn the skill or be forced out of your job for inappropriate skills.

You would have no choice but to learn the skill and apply it unless you really hate your job.


If you don’t apply these techniques in this book then you will not beat your competition or for that matter make money, then soon you will be forced to get a job.


A corporate job, where they tell you when to wake up, get to work, have lunch, have tea, return home and go to sleep.


Do you want to be told what to do or do you finally want control of your life? So stop making excuses and get on with it.

The first step is the hardest, believe me it is … making the first will help you with the rest of the steps. As once you start, the rest falls in place. This is the number 1 secret to all internet marketing guru’s success. Getting over the FIRST hurdle and the rest WILL fall in place!

Thanks for reading now TAKE ACTION!




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