Goodwill - The Most Valuable of Business Assets HTML version

The most valuable of business assets!
This e-book is provided to help you understand what goodwill is, why it
is such a valuable asset to you and the two most essential elements of
your business that contribute to the value of its goodwill. We’ll then go
on to discuss where marketing, and particularly online marketing, fits
into the picture.
The e-book is structured as follows:
Part 1
What is goodwill?
Part 2
Why is goodwill a valuable asset? How is it measured?
Part 3
How can you create goodwill?
Part 4
How does the Internet fit in?
Part 5
Please note that our e-book is not a definitive work on the creation or
valuation of goodwill. It is provided to you, without charge, simply to
stimulate thought as to how you can get the absolute maximum out of
your business in both the short and long term. We hope you find it