Golf: Fit to a Tee HTML version

My name is Mike Pedersen and in this mini guide, Fit To A Tee, I’ll
give you the basics behind the secrets of golf conditioning programs.
Once you find out how simple it is to apply golf fitness to your
lifestyle, you will be amazed how quickly you’ll catapult your
performance and be humiliating the rest of the players in your
foursome! You’ll be the one on TOP for once!
I can assure you this is no gimmick! I am a certified conditioning
expert specializing in fitness for golf, a fitness consultant and lecturer,
and author of hundreds of articles printed all over the world, including
the top golf websites at and I’ve spent the
better part of 10 years developing golf-specific fitness programs for
golfers of all ages and abilities.
I am the author of the first online golf-specific fitness ebook called the
Mike Pedersen’s Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide. And I am proud to tell
you, that I have had the pleasure of helping over 10,120 golfers gain
amazing results from my golf-conditioning program.
I know Fit To A Tee will re-ignite any passion you’ve lost from being
discouraged by the outcome of your golf game. After reading this
guide you will understand how you can improve on your level of
strength and flexibility, so you can begin to expose your “untapped”
potential! I want you to succeed, and I know you can. Golf is an
awesome game and I look forward to helping you.
Don’t let the idea of fitness and exercise scare you…and trust in the
words of the world-renowned golf instructor, David Leadbetter,
who said:
“In the future, fitness is going to play a big part in golf. I believe in the
holistic approach – golfing technique, fitness, mental (preparation),
and nutrition. I utilize it for the average golfer and touring pro as well
– cardiovascular training, strength, and especially flexibility. I think
fitness plays an important part in mental discipline – being tired
coming down the last few holes can lead to letting a few shots slip
away. I think players who feel fit feel have the edge. I’m a big
believer in fitness, and if golfers take the time to stay fit they can