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Going LIVE In 3, 2, What?

Going Live in 3, 2, What?
By Adam Stark About The Author:
My name is Adam Stark! I live in Minnesota. I have
always been a writer for as long as I can remember.
However, this is my very first book! I am a Rap Artist, first
and foremost. I write lyrics about everything, and I thrive to
prove with every single rhyme I write that I am very skilled
at my craft. I have written some of the most creative
punchlines in history, I take great pride in all of my work. I
have broken down barriers in the English language to prove
to everyone that I am among the elite. In one of my rap
verses, I have a single rhyme with FIVE implied meanings.
I don‟t just write punchlines, similes, alliterations, and
metaphors though. I write stories, I write humor, and I
rhyme intricate rhyme patterns of all types. I also would
like people to know that I happen to be one of the fastest
rappers in the world (in English.) I have recorded and
performed many fast raps online with stopwatches to show
legitimacy. However, it isn‟t just writing that I partake in
when it comes to Hip Hop, I also freestyle and battle. I
freestyle very often and I definitely consider myself one of