Gods Mandate to Parents - The Smacking Issue HTML version

minister. Now that's mentioned about three times. So you think of a minister, you think
immediately of someone up on a stage, a preacher or something. What's hard for us to
understand, is that God has got many ministers. When you meet a policeman, he's
God's minister. See that's a hard one to swallow, unless you understand how God has
ordered things and set things up, and what he requires of us, see? So that's what we
want - the bigger picture.
So one of the things is that God has a role for government. The government's role is
basically stewardship and protection of the people in the nation. One of the major
mandates of government, is that they should protect the nation, and one of the things
that happens in a nation, is when the character of a nation decreases - character's
connected to our ability to be responsible people. When our ability to be responsible
decreases, we become irresponsible, our character declines, inevitably the government
will bring in more rules and regulations. It's just a matter of how it works. For example,
the ability to have freedom depends on you being responsible, so if you're irresponsible
enough, eventually you lose your freedoms, and if you're really irresponsible then they
put you in jail. Then you don't even have the freedom to turn your light on and off, eat
when you want, come in and go out. Someone does it all for you. Irresponsibility leads
to loss of freedom. Responsibility leads to increasing freedom. This is just a principle,
and so when a nation goes into spiritual decline, and their personal character declines,
and they just want to do what they want to do, inevitably the nation becomes more
irresponsible, and then government brings in laws. So we should not be up in arms and
jumping up and down about government invading the home. You have to see there's a
bigger picture here, and I want to show you how to fit within the bigger picture, and to
have a good perspective on it all, otherwise you'll be jumping up and down, and at times
may even look a bit silly about it.
New Zealand has an appalling record in the area of abuse of children. In terms of the
United Nations hit list, we're near the bottom for the area of welfare and safety of
children. In other words, there's more risk to people or children in New Zealand, of
abuse and violence, than there is in many nations of the world. That is appalling - yet
we say we're a free nation, great nation, beautiful nation to come, and yet you read the
stories of children being beaten, being abused and being violently put to death, the most
horrendous stories. This does not happen all over the world, and so from the United
Nations list, of western countries particularly, we are well down in terms of care of
children. It's an embarrassment to the nation, and an indication of the decline of the
nation. It's inevitable, in that environment, people want to bring laws to try and regulate
Of course as we're well aware, you can't change what people are doing by passing
another law, and as we'll see the proposal that's there at the moment is to repeal
Section 59 of the Crimes Act, and it says something like this: Every person in the place
of a parent of a child, is justified in using force by way of correction towards that child, if
the force used is reasonable in the circumstances. That's the provision at the moment.
What they're planning to do is remove that, and one of the reasons for removing it is of
course the bigger picture of the abuse right through the nation, and of course many