God of Hunger HTML version

have seen how it can be. So. Thank you, Doctor. I cannot be part of what you
seek to achieve. Nor of what my father wishes to achieve. But thank you for
your kindness. Nooshin and I will remain friends for all time. And now it is
time for me to go.’
Theo left the Faramdoula’s house and moved in with the Damaras brothers who
offered him a place to stay in Dar-es-Salaam while an alternative future was
further plotted.
The new party was announced in the Tanganyika Standard. It was featured
inauspiciously on the same inside page which carried news of the conviction for
the buggery of minors by a Levantine by the name of John Bohaya; kids in
school had long talked of being bohayad. Theo was rather impressed that the
link to a real person had finally being made. Another of life’s little mysteries
solved. And another seeking resolution: the fate of the United Tanganyika
Party, the UTP.
“We stand for a prosperous Tanganyika, the right of private ownership to
exploit our nation’s vast resources. All welcome to join.”
For the UTP to stand any chance against TANU in the forthcoming elections it
had to enlist mass support. Theo had decided on a course of action hoping to
attract attention to his party; if only to distinguish himself from his father. He
did not want to return to his farm without something to show for his sojourn in
Dar-es-Salaam. It had opened his eyes to a number of possibilities which he
hoped to explore further when he returned north where the great mountain
stood proud of the plains like some giant’s iced pudding.