God of Hunger HTML version

His all time favourite film was Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. He
would sit mesmerized by its screening, as did his cronies who demanded of him
a translation of the sound track. They particularly liked the sight of the serried
ranks of spades and asked him for the words which accompanied that portion of
the film:
“ … My Fuhrer, I announce that 52,000 workmen have answered the call.
Hitler: Heil Workmen!
Main Speaker: Heil, my Fuhrer!
Shoulder spades! Lower spades!
Choir: We stand here ready to carry Germany forward into a new age. One
people, one Fuhrer, one state, Germany!
Main speaker: Today ... together at work.
Choir: On the moorland.
Speaker: And in the marshes.
And we in the sand.
Choir: In the sand.
Step forward, stalwart German worker.
Speaker: We are planting trees.
Choir: Murmuring woods.
Speaker: We are building roads.
Choir: From place to place.
Speaker: We are creating new lands for the farmer.
Choir: Fields and forests - acres and bread….
Choir: We are true to our Homeland, to the Earth, felling the forests, ploughing
the land and sowing the seeds. We are building our homes on firm ground,
forging the old bond in fire - the bond between Man and Earth….”