God of Hunger HTML version

After the fiasco, the head-teacher went bananas. He had the Greek orthodox
nationals assembled before him in the gym. And what is the meaning of this
and what is the meaning of that? The reason was staring him in the face. Theo
had found in himself a new motive in life other than his love of the chase; the
born huntsman had grown into an agent provocateur. And this new found
knack for clandestine organization surprised even himself.
The call for a boycott of the head of the English church at prayer was his.
He answered the fuming Cyril Francis: „In Greek church the congregation does
not kneel for prayers. So when you asked the school to do so, we Greeks
remained standing.’
This brought applause from Theo’s congregation which wound up Francis even
tighter. „I will not allow you to ever again disrupt the life of the school. You are
forthwith expelled. Do you understand? Or shall I talk more slowly or more
loudly?’ Again the insult. Again not lost on Theo who went home to a hero’s
welcome at the Greek Club.