God of Hunger HTML version

„What was that, Sam?’
„Well, at least the bit we cannot avoid to pay. Ha. Ha.’
„Truth is, I may not stay here. I want to travel and maybe work in New York, or
London. After all we are modern women and men of the world.’
„And what of the poor?’
„Do not concern yourself too much about them. They understand.’
„They understand?’
„Yes. They understand that first we must grow fat and rich after which it will
be their turn. It has always been the case. And our people understand. It is in
our tradition.’
„Modern or Traditional?’
„Hahaha, Daudi… Turn off your brain and enjoy yourself, you sweet man.’
„Modern or Traditional?’
„Very modern man. Or at least you will be by the time I have finished with
you! Do you want to dance? Do you, do you want to dance?’
And she swept him off his feet.