God of Hunger HTML version

his family. You must go to the Sikorski Museum and see the note I gave to Mrs.
Oppman, the archivist. My father’s response to Sikorski’s offer is on the record.
He was not a man to let us down, nor his district. I have often reflected on my
father’s reply to the man who became our leader in exile. I fully understood his
refusal to cut and run. I remember him in tears at the last review of troops in
August 1939. “We have still so much to do’, he sobbed quietly after the parade.
My father was a hero. My hero. A quiet spoken servant of his country right to
the end. To leave his post was not his way. So that is why we simply waited for
fate to overtake us.’ That was the last phrase on tape. And one that had already
stuck most firmly in Marisha’s mind. Often surfacing during lulls at high
powered meetings.