God And Decoding Intelligent Design Evolution, Spirit, Soul and Self


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Book Description

Explains the universe, evolution and life as constructs of creation from the Intelligent Design of a Creator and God perspective and the evidence and proof for existence of a God and Creator. Looks at Intelligent Design through quantum/nano physics of atom-energy, etc. and creation taking into account disciplines of the universe, science, evolution, philosophy, and theology. Discusses the concepts of spirit-energy and the self of a person in relation to the soul, mind, thoughts, emotions, personality and consciousness. Explores the components of self/person and the entities of love, life and spirit, including grief, hope, suffering, death and heaven.

Sandra Hedditch

This author has done a lot of research for this book and has helped me make sense of life, I believe everyone should read this.On the down side Steven has repeated paragraphs a lot but I still think it a good read and extremely helpful

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