Gobble Gobble: A Tale of Thanksgiving Terror HTML version

Back in the nest room it seems as quiet as can be. The only sound is the raindrops dancing on
the roof. Amy’s egg covered blouse is where she threw it next to the eggs in the nest. A few feet
from the nest one color stands out from the yellow-brown hay, Amy’s pink panties. They are
where she kicked them. The little embroidered read heart is clearly visible... when suddenly a
shadow moves over her underwear. Something big with heavy steps is walking towards the
panties. The shadow heaves from side to side as if it is some kind of big T-rex-like monster.
Whatever it is, it is big, and it is huffing and puffing.
Its huffs and puffs change to sniffling sounds similar to those of a large pig when searching for
a scent. It keeps sniffing as it gets closer and closer. The shadow narrows as it seems to lean its
head in closer and closer and stops right over the panties. Its sniffles are strong and loud now, and
it starts sniffing Amy’s panties nearly sucking them up off the ground. After a final sniff the
panties are swiftly snatched out of sight by what looks like a huge beak.
Chapter 4
It is dark, overcast, and pouring rain by the buckets as the van makes its way down a two lane
country road. Everyone in the van is quiet. The Professor is hunched over the steering wheel,
focused on the wet road ahead. Amy is peacefully looking at the rain-soaked scenery when the
Professor notices something.
“We have a problem.” the Professor announces as he slows the van down. They are
approaching a bridge... that is no longer there. It’s been completely washed away by the raging
river now flooding into the street just ahead of them.
“Oh no, the bridge is gone.” Josh announces the obvious.
“There is no way for us to get across here.” The Professor speaks out loud, but mostly talking
to himself.
“How about another bridge?” Dirk chimes in somewhat condescendingly, as if the solution is
more than obvious.