Gobble Gobble: A Tale of Thanksgiving Terror HTML version

hair. Hell, she may be forty but her figure had maintained its youthful curves. There was a time
when she was the belle of the ball with her deep blue eyes and perfect figure, and as far as she was
concerned, age was only a number because she still felt like that young woman.
“Good morning Bertha.” Jim’s strong voice snatched her from her nostalgic thoughts.
“And a good morning to you Jim.” She responded with an uncontrollable broad smile.
Tipping his hat. “What’cha got in that there basket darling?”
“Oh just a few apples. I’m thinking about baking an apple pie later on today. You want a few?”
Bertha responded, as she stopped in front of the fence across from Jim.
“Well, your pie sounds mighty tempting… but I’ll take an apple.” Jim responded playfully with
a sly wink, while Bertha gave him a coy smile as she lifted the basket hanging on her left arm.
“Are you flirting with me Jim? You know I’m a married woman.”
“How do you like them apples?” Jim answered with a wink while biting into his apple. But
before Bertha could respond he looked over to his right past her.
“Hey there neighbor.” He shouted out to Joe. Bertha looked over her shoulder and was struck
by a different pang as she watched the man sluggishly approaching. Her momentary pang of guilt
vanished as she studied her husband Joe. She could not help but notice the difference. She knew
she loved her husband, but something happened over the years. She can’t pinpoint to when or
how, but there was a time when Joe was just as full of energy as Jim. Now, wearing black rubber
boots, dark blue coveralls and a conductor’s hat, he was as sluggish as an old man, even though he
was just a few years older than her. While her hair was still raven dark, his hair was peppered with
strands of white..
“Howdy Jim.” Joe shouted back, interrupting Bertha’s melancholic thoughts, as he stepped up
to the fence next to her.
“How’s your morning been so far?” Extending his right hand.
“Not bad except for that pesky cougar. He hit my coop again. Got two turkeys this time.”
“That darned cat’s been spooking my cattle for weeks.” Changing his tone from friendly to
agitated. “One of these days, I’m-a catch it in action and shoot it between the eyes. Nobody
messes with what’s mine, you know what I mean, Joe?”
Joe shyly nodded in agreement, than looked to Bertha, “Well we’d better be heading back, I
got that tractor I want get fixed by the end of the day.”
“Thanks for the apple Bertha, and ya’ll have a good day.” Jim continued with a friendlier tone.
Without ever looking up at Jim, Joe turned while Bertha waved goodbye as they walked away.