Gobble Gobble: A Tale of Thanksgiving Terror HTML version

“Uhhh, well, thank you again for what you did for the class.” The Professor finally cuts the
silent tension then quickly looks away from Amy’s piercing amber and green eyes. He starts
fumbling nervously with his manual and papers as he tries to stuff them into his murse.
“Oh it was my pleasure Professor.” Amy responds with a voice sweeter than honey, enticing
him deeper into her sexual web.
“Ah-mmm-gosh… well, very good, ah...” The Professor is in a daze. But Amy only applies
more pressure with another question.
“I was wondering, maybe, well maybe, if you could return the favor and… satisfy my
pleasure?” Changing her expression to a cute coy smile.
Nervous and confused the Professor doesn’t even want to consider what she is insinuating. “Uh
I, I, I don’t know what you mean?”
“I was hoping you could give me... some private tutoring.”
“Oh, oh, okay, yeah, well… you know actually I, I know a great tutor…”
“Actually, I would prefer to do it with you.” Amy cuts the Professor off with an enticing tone
spiraling him into even deeper turmoil as his murse fumbles out of his hand, nosily dropping on
the ground, papers spilling out.
“Uhhhh, well I, I can’t, I’m… sorry, I just… you know… I’ve got all these things to do, I’m…
I’m so busy.” While looking down at his murse and the papers around it.
“OK, maybe we can do it… in the future?” She stretches her words as she smiles with a sexy
“Uhhhhhh...” It is all the Professor can do as Amy walks away undulating her cute little ass for
him. She looks back, over her shoulder, at the discombobulated man now on his knees, frantically
shoveling his papers back into his murse.
“Bye Professor.”
Without ever looking away from his murse the Professor just nods, horny, numbed, and
Chapter 2