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Goat. And the Terror Birds

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Published: 2 years ago

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This is first of the Goat On a Mission series. Ten year old Mac has just lost his mother and is living with his aunt and dippy cousin. His father is an international wildlife photographer and can’t be reached, leaving Mac feeling very alone. Mac’s father is chasing a bird called The Terror Bird. Larger than an ostrich the natives report it is vicious and deadly. Mac’s father, Dylan, is determined to photograph the dangerous bird. Only William can help him and sends a group of mountain goats (with sirens strapped to their heads) to rescue him. Meanwhile Mac has his own problems. His aunt is about to lose her house but William calls in the Shrew Army to stop the house from being sold. The shrews are clever, making shoes dance and statues walk so that the realtors think its haunted.


PJ Gilbers

Sir William the goat is going on yet another adventure. Not only does he have to save Mac but Mac's father is being chased by Terror Birds. It is a fun adventure read.

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