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Gluten Freedom
children with autism. Removing gluten-based foods from the autistic child’s diet reduces these
negative symptoms and improves the child’s ability to cope.
A recent study1 by researchers at Penn State documented survey data gathered from parents of
autistic children regarding the effectiveness of a gluten-free, casein- free diet on children
diagnosed with autism. The survey results suggested that parents who completely eliminated
both gluten and casein from their child's diet reported the most benefit.
The good news is that you and our healthcare provider can eliminate these other problems once
you conclude the symptoms are caused by gluten intolerance. You can begin to change your diet
and experience a great deal of improvement in all of these symptoms.
If you have symptoms of gluten intolerance it’s important to speak with a healthcare provider to
rule out other health problems with similar symptoms. If you have an autistic child, don’t
postpone getting a specialist involved. And once you’ve narrowed the source of problems down
to gluten intolerance, you have the power to improve your lifestyle and health rapidly.
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