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Gluten Freedom
While a gluten allergy once meant that you couldn’t enjoy food, today’s market provides many
gluten- free food alternatives. You can easily find gluten- free bread, cookies, and cakes which
wasn’t possible twenty years ago.
If you suspect you have a gluten allergy, there’s a simple way to determine if you’re correct.
Eating a gluten-free diet for several weeks should help you to feel better if you’re suffering from
the allergy. If eating gluten-free improves the way you feel, you probab ly have an allergy or
If the change in diet doesn’t have any effect on the symptoms you’ve been feeling, chances are
you don’t have a gluten allergy after all. You’ll want to talk to your healthcare provider about
some other causes for your symptoms.
A gluten allergy can make life miserable with the wrong diet. But when you eat gluten- free
foods you’ll find that you can feel great and eliminate the miserable symptoms. Eliminating
wheat, rye, and barley can make a major impact on your health and wellbeing.
Preparing to Transition to a Gluten-Free Diet
Going “cold turkey” into a gluten-free diet can be overwhelming. However, your bloated belly
and constant discomfort may lead you to starting a gluten-free diet simply to get beyond the
misery. The goal is to be able to free yourself from the discomfort and even debilitating
symptoms of gluten intolerance, but you also need to prepare your mind and body as well as your
loved ones for this transition. You’ll need to talk with family members about your transition to a
gluten- free lifestyle. Whether you should force your family into a similar diet is discussed in a
chapter further along in this book.