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Gluten Freedom
The best way to manage gluten intolerance is with a gluten- free diet. Going gluten free means
removing grains like wheat, rye, barley, and triticale which contain the protein gluten. These
grains are found in different formats such as flour, thickeners and ba ses. Gluten based products
are used as an additive in many food products.
Once gluten is removed from the diet, your digestive system begins to heal allowing it to
perform as a high performance system instead of one that is constantly fighting against the
negative effects of gluten. Gluten proteins inhibit the absorption of vital nutrients.
Your stomach is an important part of the digestive system, but once food passes through the gut
the intestines are in charge. Your intestines are responsible for ab sorbing the minerals and
vitamins from digested food. O nce you remove gluten from your diet, the intestines can better
handle normal absorption of nutrients. This is essential for the body to obtain all the vital
nutrients it needs to sustain itself.
You’ll find the change to a gluten- free diet will not only make you feel a lot healthier, but you
will enjoy higher levels of energy, be able to concentrate and focus better and look forward to
each day free of the symptoms associated with gluten intolerance.