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Gluten Freedom
Wheat flour is often used as a thickener for products so make sure to check the labe l before
purchasing any kind of processed food. More of them contain gluten than you might expect and
you don’t want to inadvertently ingest gluten.
Check your medicine cabinet to make sure you’re gluten-free there as well. Many capsules,
tablets, and gel caps are made from sources that contain gluten. You might be accidentally
encountering gluten while you’re trying to improve your health.
Celiac disease and gluten intolerance often go hand in hand with lactose intolerance. If you’re
someone who has been diagnosed with celiac, you should talk with your doctor about
eliminating dairy products as well.
Once your symptoms have subsided and you’ve eliminated gluten, you might be able to
reintroduce milk products. However, it may be necessary to limit foods such as yogurt, cheese,
sour cream, and milk.
Oats are okay to have if they’re not contaminated with wheat products. However, many oats are
processed in factories that also process gluten containing grains. Make sure that you purchase
only oats that are labeled as “gluten free”.