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Gluten Freedom
Quinoa is a grain that’s gained popularity in recent times. This grain can be found in many
products and can be used in side dishes, salads, and casseroles. It’s also touted to have other
health properties that make it an excellent addition to your diet.
Buckwheat is another grain you can enjoy when you’re living gluten-free. Despite its name, it
isn’t really wheat and it doesn’t contain gluten. It’s common in many Asian dishes and it can be
a main ingredient in gluten free noodles.
Another grain that’s commonly used in Asian countries is millet. It can be found in porridges
and even alcoholic beverages can be made from it. Millet flour can also be used to make
You may have heard of sorghum before. This is a grain that’s primarily used for making
molasses but it can also be found in some alcohols. It’s another product that’s gluten free and
safe for you to eat.
Eating a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you have to avoid all grains. There are many gluten free
grains that can help you to have a healthy and satisfying diet without having to suffer from
digestive problems or weight gain.