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Gluten Freedom
Don’t overlook the dressing you pour on salads. They are notorious for having gluten as a base
thickener. The only way to know is to check the label. Check your pantry and make sure to
check labels when you shop.
#3 Start Eliminating Gluten Foods
Put on your research hat and find out where to buy gluten-free products. Consider eliminating
one gluten product at a time. Instead of throwing out everything containing gluten, try choosing
one product that you can live without. For example, you might want to get rid of your current
cereal and look for one that’s gluten- free.
After you’ve had time to get used to your new cereal, you can eliminate another product. Trying
to do it all at once may be too overwhelming and can also shock your taste buds. But if you
focus on one food at a time, you’ll have a smoother transition.
#4 Focus On Adding Gluten-Free Food Items You Enjoy
Instead of thinking about all the things you “can’t” have, pay attention to the things you can
have. Especially make room for treats in your diet that are gluten- free, but you really love. It’s
all too common to focus on what you’re eliminating rather than understanding that there are
many tasty foods that don’t contain gluten.
Look for recipes that are gluten- free and have fun trying new things. Start a local gluten-free
group and exchange recipes. Facebook is a great way to connect with others who are going
gluten- free.