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Gluten Freedom
Five Steps to Transition into a Gluten-Free
At first, the thought of adopting a diet free of gluten can be overwhelming, but it can be easy if
you follow these 5 steps to transition into a gluten-free lifestyle. Unless you have celiac disease
which may require you to move rapidly or even cold turkey on gluten, you can slowly move
toward a gluten-free life.
#1 Get the Family Involved
Moms and dads who are the breadwinners and bread makers, but who are also the gluten
intolerant will need help from their spouses and kids. You don’t have to force everyone into the
same diet plan, but it will make food preparation much easier. As you start to transition gluten-
free recipes and products into the daily menu, look for positive feedback from the family. If you
hit a winner, stick with it.
#2 Zero in on Gluten-Based Products
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. So it will obviously be found in breads and
other foods made of those grains. However, it also pops up in unexpected places.
It’s important to check labels and look for gluten. You’ll be surprised what products include
gluten as a base. Many soups, sauces, and gravies include gluten even though you might not
expect to find them there.