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Gluten Freedom
Advantages of a Gluten-Free Diet
For some people, a gluten allergy makes eating gluten-free a necessity. But even if you don’t
have an allergy, a gluten- free diet can be beneficial. One of the greatest benefits of eating
gluten- free is to remove an overload of carbohydrates from your diet. Consuming fewer carbs
can help people lose weight. Many of the high sugar carbohydrates that lead to weight gain also
contain gluten. So if you remove gluten from your diet, you’ll also reduce your caloric intake.
A gluten-free diet is naturally more dependent on fruits, vegetables, and proteins to get your
nutrition. You’ll be avoiding many products that are processed such as breads, cereals, cookies,
and cakes that can lead to weight gain.
You’ll also improve your health. When you eat more fruits and vegetables, you’ll increase the
fiber in your diet. This can help you to lower your cholesterol, regulate yo ur digestive system,
and lower your risk of developing diabetes.
A gluten-free diet can also help you to reduce your risk of developing some cancers. A diet high
in fiber, low in fat and chemicals from processing and high in vitamins can help your body fight
off cancer.
Your immune system will also function better when you have a diet that’s high in antioxidants
that come from fruits and vegetables. You’ll have fewer problems with colds, flus, and other
If weight loss and improved health aren’t enough to convince you, you might also consider that a
gluten- free diet can help you to have increased energy. Many people who find that they feel
sluggish or run down find that those feelings go away as they remo ve gluten from their diet.