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Gluten Freedom
If you haven’t used Amazon before it is the Mega of Megastore with everything from tropical
fish food to diatomaceous earth products. It offers great selections of gluten-free products and
often your order is shipped FREE. Amazon is truly the answer to stress-free shopping for special
dietary needs.
Mixes for gluten-free brownies, cookies, muffins, and breads are readily available. You’ll also
be able to find ready-made gluten-free bread, cookies, and noodles. These are usually made of
other grains that don’t contain gluten and haven’t been exposed to it through processing.
You’ll need to check the labels of everything you eat when you’re beginning a gluten-free diet.
This little protein can turn up in unexpected places. For example, it can be found in soups,
frozen meals, and other ready-to-eat foods.
It’s important to look at the ingredients to see if wheat, rye, and/or barley are on the label. Many
products will advertise that they’re gluten- free to make it easier for you to get your shopping
done. You can still eat many foods you e njoy when you go gluten- free.
Anything that doesn’t contain gluten and hasn’t been exposed to it is safe to eat. Rice, fruits,
vegetables, most dairy products, and meats are safe to enjoy. While it may be difficult to
eliminate gluten at first, it becomes easier as you continue to practice a gluten- free lifestyle.
Eliminating your symptoms is great motivation for determining what path to follow for a gluten-
free diet.
Fad or Health Movement
One can certainly understand why moving to a diet free of gluten can help relieve serious health
conditions caused by an allergic reaction to gluten. There is a growing trend for people who