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Gluten Freedom
There are also home testing kits available for celiac disease. These kits help to test whether or
not you have antibodies for gluten in your system. These tests are simple and easy to use and
give results within minutes.
Eliminating gluten can also help you to decide if you’re intolerant to it. If you avoid gluten for a
time and notice that you’re feeling much better, you’re probably someone who has an allergy to
If restricting your diet from gluten products doesn’t give you much relief from symptoms, there
may be multiple allergies or other diseases involved. Therefore, it’s important to make an
appointment with your healthcare provider. He o r she can verify the allergy through more
sophisticated testing. O ne thing to be aware of is when you eliminate gluten from your diet with
your DIY gluten testing, you’ll make it difficult for professional medical tests to pick up your
celiac disease. If you’re going to meet with your healthcare provider, it’s best to revert to your
old eating habits to achieve more relevant results from your tests.