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(This is a discourse on Yog delivered by Maharaj Shree on 22-11-2000 in Nepal at Kathmandu)
You have placed two querries before me. The first question is whether Idol worship is desirable or
not? Second question is What is real Yog? A lot of confusion exists regarding various forms of
Yog like Hatha Yog, Raj Yog, Laya Yog and Kundlini Yog, Shatchakra Yog and Yog - Asanas? What
is the truth? Where does it lie?
So far as the question of Idol worship is concerned, it is not out of place to mention here at the very
outset that I have discussed this question in detail in the ‘Yatharth Geeta’, ‘Jeevanadarsh’,
‘Shanka Samadhan’ and ‘Unchuye Prashna’ etc. published from the ashram. Temples, Mosques,
Gurudwaras, Churches, Tombs are nothing but the primary schools of spirituality. We can follow
the foot-steps of our ancestors and get religious directions through them. They are useful up to a
limit. Primary schools are important for learning alphabets but if someone wishes to stay life long
in such schools, he would simply waste his time and learn nothing material. Similarly, if some
one goes on visiting temples life - long, it should be taken as nothing but his sheer
sentimentalism. Temples and Idols are our revered monuments, which enshrine the glorious
memories of the spiritual investigations made by the ancestors. If valuable information
regarding the Sadhna of the majestic personality who chose the place for it, are given there, if the
modes and methods adopted by him for attaining God are trans-communicated there, if his
divine messages are relayed there, only then the temples and idols are meaningful. Temples
which distribute only Charnamrit (ambrosial offerings) are not perfect, they exploit the
devotion of devotees.
The second question which is connected with Yog definitely needs discussion at large. Now a
days a number of training centres in the name of Yog are being run in the country as well as
abroad where the house-holders as well as saints are imparting the knowledge. All such
institutes are prospering. Even small children have mastered Yog. Some young boys used to
come to our Ashram. All of them learnt Yog and won gold medals. Actually they were all
gymnasts. Geeta does not refer gymnastics and acrobatics as Yog. The Geeta speaks as
Tam vidyad dukh sanyog viyogam yog sangyitam Sa nishchyayen yoktavyo yogo
anirvinchetasa |6|23||
Yog is the attainment of inner bliss which is free from the worldly attraction and repulsion and
which is known as the quintessence of all existence, God. Yog means ultimate union with
supreme being. Only those who patiently and regularly practice it, attain it. The ripples of mind do
exist in between us and God and they may be called the modifications of the mind. How to
modulate them, How to restrain them? is the only problem of Sadhna. Sadhna (Spiritual
Endeavour) is nothing but the modulation of mind. The sages of the past express the methods of
worship in their own different words and styles under the impact of different time, place and