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The meaning of the words of self-realised sages is generally supra-mundane. Howsoever, learned a man might be he can not understand it merely on the strength of his academic achievements because the errands of divinity which are received by the sublimated mind, can not be clothed in words. They elude narration and are absolutely indescribable. They are picked up only through hints and suggestions which apparently appear to be disorderly and incoherent, replete with paradoxes. The following lines of the Ram Charitmanas illustrate it :-


Uma Ram Gun Goodh Pandit muni pavahin virati. avahin moha vimoodh je hari vimukh na dharmrati.  (The attributes of Ram are obscure, the Pandits who know the mystic import, Munis whose senses and mind have become quiet and all those who have attained renunciation easily grasp the truth of God and hence reject the world which is insubstantial and unreal. But they who are typically imbecile and booby, disinterested in God and religion, fall victim to false attachments signifying ignorance). The text of a work may be the same but the interpretations vary – one leading to light while the other to darkness. People gather meaning, matching their tastes and capabilities. For this very reason Goswami Ji tells us the characteristics of those who understand the Manas.


Yaha shubh charit jaan pai soyi kripa Ram ki japar hoi (Only they comprehend the auspicious doings who are fortunate to have the grace of God).


Yaha charit janhi muni gyani jinh Raghubir charan rati mani  (Only the Munis and the sages understand what the Manas aims at, only they whose mind is devoted to the Divine being and who love God extremely, can follow its real, its inner import).


Seminars and symposia can never lead to the correct understanding of the Manas. If any querry happens to crop-up in the mind of any devotee, it should be presented before self realized soul and there the guidance should be sought. Such genuine querries are always welcome.


Our revered Gurudeo used to say that querries occur only in the enquiring and worthy minds but they should be placed only before such persons who can answer them adequately. If you need an aeroplane ticket, you should approach the right man. You would not get it in woods and forest. You would get there nothing but rubbish, trash. You should make genuine efforts to get right answers of your question. Faith in and the company of saints are always helpful in acquiring knowledge –


Je shradha sambal rahit nahin santan kar saath Tin kahan maanas agam ati jinahin na priya Raghunath (Those who miss the faith, support and company of sages and the love for God find the Manas incomprehensible.)


The saints and sages reveal knowledge within your heart and your thirst gets quenched forever. “OM Glory to Sudgurudeo Bhagwan”

- Swami Adgadanand