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The proposal should include the following:-
Introduction to the research question (including brief literature review; explanation of why
your research question is timely/relevant /potentially useful; a clearly defined research
question; appropriate aims and objectives).
The theory behind your approach including the outline and justification of research
design/methodology (NB: in order to demonstrate your understanding of the module
materials, you are asked to use a mixed methods approach in your design).
Plan of investigation (including sampling, procedure, method/s of data collection (eg
interviews, questionnaires) and method/s of analysis (eg appropriate statistical tests;
type of thematic analysis)).
Anticipated impact on potential beneficiaries of the research.
Ethical concerns (over and above the requirement to apply to an ethics committee).
Potential difficulties/risks of carrying out the research.
Methods of dissemination.
Timetable with project milestones. (There is no set time limit for your proposal but you
are expected to produce something that is sensible and realistic).
References (using Harvard or Vancouver system): (NB: references are not included in
the word count).
NB: Sections on staffing and requested research budget are not required.
Assignment hand-in details
All information about the hand-in procedure, including the deadline, will be made available
on MOLE.
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